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That is super D, with the right sound effects to finish off the setting it will be amazing. I even had some fun chucking nades into the scenery and even that doesnt really give the illuision away. Excellent workd lovly textures. And the first ladders in GR! \o/<<According to microsoft that means woot.

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Thanks ;)

The ladders aren't a first I believe, they've been used before if I'm correct (can't remember which mod it was though).

Hoak is taking care of the soundeffects and it will add a lot to the overall experience.

He'll be using this early beta to test it on.

Had a mishap with the passengertrain, hence the reason why it's taken out of the mod for now. It will be put back in once the entire transporttrain is tagged.

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I think there's a mod that had ladders way before yours BTK...if I could only rememember what the name of that mod was again.... :wacko:

The rope-idea is good though :thumbsup:

I had the "retracting ladder"-idea aswell when working on WSV but never used it and made fixed stairs instead.

Funny to see though that you're doing it exactly as I'd figure doing it. :)

I might be using "blocking" to pull a board up and down, crossing from one train to the next but looking at the massive amounts of dynamic objects I've used already, I might decide to skip it. All depending on what the engine can handle.

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Ye Sleeper said he'd done a Ladder before in that thread, didn't say what mod tho.

Like the idea of planks between the Trains, hope ya can figure them out. :thumbsup:

Rgr, I made ladders in the first map I ever made but I never released it. The idea has been around, although I can't recall seeing a map with a ladder that was actually released. Just a note: dynamics can't hold a floor poly tag. There is of course a trick that I've managed to pull off in one of my Year of the Monkey maps, one of these days it'll be released :wacko: . Like any trick it has it's downsides of course. You should be able to figure it out in the case of your map if you haven't already. ;)

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Just wondering, how does one become a "contributing member" to get the password?


The contributing members are the ones that are adding material to the mod.

Stalker is adding new uniforms, Hoak is doing the sound-effects, foley and music, Nexus is making the mission and Snowfella is taking care of some weapons.

The few people that were not contributing but still got the password are the ones that I've worked with in the past and are reliable enough to keep it to their chest.

I'm releasing this pre-beta to get feedback from time to time and to iron out issues that might collide with the contributions.

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Ah....well, it's coming along well actually.

I've had a small setback with geometry messing up due to a wrong System Unit Scale :wacko: So that threw me back on time a bit.

I've redone the transport-train and it's almost "floored" and "blocked" (creating and tagging floors and walls).

To make sure the layout is clean, I'm using seperate geometry now for both the floors and collisions rather then using the train's own geometry (as you normally would, so the real geometry is actually tagged not to collide at all, except for bullet-impacts).

That should make the transitions very clean.

I've also added a few new custom skyboxes (dawn, clear and cloudy night, clear and cloudy day), improved the exteriour to make the sense of movement more convincing and I'm working on a new custom gameshell (PDA, titlescreens, etc).

That's it in a nutshell. :)

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