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AlphaSquad's 2003 Stealth-Recon C0-0P Tournament.


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are these original maps? or are these server sided missions?

The missions are made on existing MAPS, but the missions are brand new. All SR2003 missions are completely served sided. Server and client will need DesertSiege/IslandThunder addons and the game version 1.4

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OK, so now my question is...

Who is going to host the next tournament? I'm just dying (Hmmm...maybe I should re-phrase that) to participate in and not watch a tournament mission.

Well, didnt you like being an observer? I thought it is a blast watching others screwing the missions ;) also when you are at observing mode, noone can see how you stink on the field :D

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The tournament ended with IRON Brigade playing an awesome mission tonite. All 4 missions can now be downloaded from the News section of Ghost Recon Net.

A mission pack will soon also be available. Stay tuned as we are publishing some replays in the next days and also probably after action reports and some recordings of some of the teams communications so you can play the replay and the teams comms at the same time.

Please visit the leaderboard for a last time, as there are some nifty graphics there (MP5SD's rendered and modelled in 3D studio max by DeLeyt of Alpha Squad).

Also stay tuned to the Stealth Recon 2003 Website for the replays and all other after action stuff.

To all teams and others that has showed their interest in this tournament: Thank you.

And Rocky - big thanks for your coverage of the tournament.

Have Fun!

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Well, didnt you like being an observer?

I totally enjoyed it and was inspired by the high level of teamwork and gameplay displayed by the participants!

noone can see how you stink on the field

Meet me at the docks Bro!!

High noon!! :angry:

Zato's got something cooking...

It's Swedish Meatballs!! :o=

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Guest DeLeyt {AlphaSquad}

Installation for Stealth Recon 2003 Mission, Replay and Comms-Recordings


1) Download SR2003 mission-pack.

2) Download SR2003 replays.

3) Download SR2003 Comms-recordings (MP3-format).

4) Install Ghost Recon, Desert Siege (expansion-pack), Island Thunder (expansion-pack) and Patch V1.4.

Downloads can be found at http://www.alphasquad.net or http://www.ghostrecon.net.


("x" represents the harddrive-letter you installed Ghost Recon to. Default="C")

1) Save the missions to folder:

"X:\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\Origmiss\Mission".

2) Save the replays to folder:

"X:\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Data\Save\Replay".

3) The comms-recordings can be put anywhere but I advise to create a directory inside:

"X:\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Data\Save" and name it "Comms-Recordings".

This way you have all files easy accessible.

Setting up for replay:

1) Start Ghost Recon. Select "REPLAY". Select your SR2003 replay-file and select "START".

2) Immediatly after the replay starts, hit the "P"-key. This will pause the replay.

3) Depress ALT & TAB keys simultaniously. This will switch you back to your Desktop. The gameprogram is still running though.

4) Open Windows Media Player or any other player that is capable of playing MP3-files.

5) Open the corresponding Comms-Recordingfile and play it. Ussually the player starts playing the MP3 automatically when it's loaded.

6) Depress ALT & TAB keys simultaniously again. This will bring you back to the game again.

7) Hit the "P"-key again to unpause the replay.

(PS: Try to pause the game as fast as you can. Try to unpause the game as fast as you can when you started the player.)

That's it!

You should see the teams playing and hearing their communications over radio at the same time.

Enjoy the SR2003 replays of missons accomplished by some of the best teams that were competing.

Have fun!

DeLeyt / Alpha Squad.

Edited by DeLeyt {AlphaSquad}
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I just finished trying out the last mission (4) and it was a blast (no pun intended)! Using a small squad of three players we found we were able to score an 85 on mission Three, losing the 15 points upon failing to extract prior to detonation. Too bad we missed the actual tournament!

These missions are a daring new change in direction for GR, a return to the covert ops like in Rainbow Six.

Thank-you Chavez! :ph34r:

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Thanks Connie.

Many of us play Ghost Recon coz its a great game and in many ways also is a realistic game. Why shouldn't the missions be as realistic as possible too.

If a special squad of real world SPECOPS inserted ANYWHERE in the world they would try to go stealthy as long as possible in most cases. The history has showed us that. In the Ghost Recon original missions you would go in guns blazing and those tangos 300 meters down the street dont even hear u when u gun down their teammates with OICW's and handgrenades. Thats not to realistic is it? It can be fixed by trying to script Radio comms and xtended alertness for the tangos.

Lets just hope that the makers of Ghost Recon 2 turn to the community to find out what is needed to be put in Ghost Recon 2 and IGOR 2 to make it the ultimate game.

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I just checked out the final leaderboard and it looks awesome. Like the entire tournament, Alpha Squad has done an outstanding job.

Unfortunately, I must add that 30+ has been credited with 60 points that we did not earn for mission 4.

It's been said and must be repeated. Chavez scripted some incredible missions. Stealth and teamwork are REQUIRED. Thank you Chavez and the rest of Alpha Squad. We look forward to the next tourney, and hope to be able to return the favor.

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Unfortunately, I must add that 30+ has been credited with 60 points that we did not earn for mission 4.

Tnx. I was about to double check the leaderboard with the graders. But it looks like the staff has taken a well deserved R&R from GR for a day or two.

Its fun to set up a tourney. But it also is exhausting :rolleyes:

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Well we had the LAN party on Sat. Ugh. We couldn't even make it through the first mission w/o the nubies kill a couple of our own guy's. :o=:wall: I'm looking forward to doing them w/o the new guy's. We still had great fun.

We made it through mission to with two out of nine left. That was good. It allowed us to score better w/o everyone else.

Then we decided to just do some team against team rounds. We knew it wasn't going to get any better with so many green recruits. Loads of fun though anyway. 9 hours of Ghost Recon was a blast no matter the outcome.

Thanks for the missions Alpha.

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Oh yea..., Chavez, one other thing. On the first mission we made it through the mine field and made it to the tunnel to take the back route to the terrorist safe house.

In the tunnel someone accidently shot the team mate in front of him. (Yes while walking) :stupid: This alerted the two man patrol on the terrorist safehouse side of the tunnel which then engaged us at the end of the tunnel.

After killing them we were chillin to see what would happen next and shortly we heard a bunch of firing. I switched to the map and saw a dark red diamond on the bridge. Then more firing and the two terrorists that come out of the adjoinging alley on the right of the alley to the safehouse died.

It was the weirdest thing. Our remaining members were all in the tunnel. Someone waxed the three terrorists down that alley. Was it the Russians patrol? Anyway saved us the hassle on that round.



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Our remaining members were all in the tunnel. Someone waxed the three terrorists down that alley. Was it the Russians patrol?

Yeah. It was the russians. Sometimes they are alerted by the firefights. If u go down the tunnel and then start to blaze with nades right away that will alert the russian controlpost to send a couple of dudes to investigate. Normally they will then go down the tunnel. but this shows the great AI built into GR. You will never exactly know what happens if they hear enemy fire.

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Having the Russian AI engage and kill the Terrorists AI is just about the most realism I have yet seen to date in GR! The fact that this happpens only in certain circumstances is what makes this almost spontaneous, which is a strange term to use when talking about a puter program.

I wonder what other surprises there are in these Stealth missions? :ph34r:

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