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AlphaSquad's 2003 Stealth-Recon C0-0P Tournament.


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Also, it was possible to reduce the voice-comms recordings consciderably in filesize and we are glad to anounce that they will be put up for download as well.

The exact instructions how to use them will be given soon when the actual file is linked.

That is awesome news!

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Hey everyone!! I wonder how I missed this thread... I had the pleasure of undertaking these missions as part of SOTO.

Good Job Alpha Squad!! This was my first time taking part in a GR tournament and I had a great time!!

On a side note... does anyone know how to get rid of those goddam internet popups? :P

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Congrats to BAD, it took skill beyond normal gaming to win that, very well done.

Congrats Alpha Squad on hosting the tournament.

Congrats Chavez on truly amazing missions. It's one thing to create engaging missions, it's another to create engaging missions that are suitable for competition purposes. The scores prove that the difficulty level was pitched exactly right IMO.

Imagine if everybody was scoring full points, what a nightmare that would have been.

Imagine if nobody was scoring any points, what a nightmare that would have been!

You got it spot on, well done, excellent work.

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Congrats BAD. You guys did a great Job. This tourney is the most fun I had in a long time, every week I'm waiting desperatly for tueday so I can play the mission,LOL. Thx Alpha Squad, Hope you are planing a "Spring Brake" tourney.

This has been a very professionaly run tourney. You guys at AS are First Class!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats Chavez on truly amazing missions. It's one thing to create engaging missions, it's another to create engaging missions that are suitable for competition purposes. The scores prove that the difficulty level was pitched exactly right IMO.

That was one of my main conserns. It is so hard to predict the actual difficulty level of a mission you make. When the mission making progress comes to the point where the mission starts to be playable me and some Alpha Playtesters (big bow to IceMan25 and MacHine) had tested the mission 40 times already. We where then able to ParkWalk the most of the mission. I tuned and tuned and guessed and guessed to get the level of first-time playability to the point where I believed a good coop squad would have to use brain instead of force to get through the initial part of every mission.

When the tournament started and the team where inserted into Grozny my first thoughts was "Dammit", this is too hard. But then BAD came up and scored a 100 on that first mission. The margins where small from failure to success in Grozny and the team that constantly kept track of the russian patrols and kept their team tight together was the team that was gonna win round one. Take time to look at the replay from BAD mission 1. When I saw these guys move my first thoughts was "YES!" - that was exactly what was in my thoughts when making this missions. Smartness and movement instead of MMI's and rockets and all the firepower that GR houses. It's been a while since we grow tired of running and gunning through the original embassy mission (:)

Another idea with the missions was to make them in a way so they would have a Stealth part and a hard firefight part. This was a huge problem since the Grozny Mission was the second mission I had ever made in IGOR. Making fire-and-forget missions is easy, but making missions with a Stealth influence is so much harder.

I will continue to make these kind of Stealth missions in the future, since noone else seems to be dedicated on those missions. These future missions will also use the Seal Team 6 Intel/Recon and they will be published at our website at www.alphasquad.net.

Coming up on the coop scene in the near future is the SeALZ Europe Memorial League. From what I know this is gonna be a neverending coop league with a mission a month. I wish as many teams as possible sign up for that league. You will find some missions from me in that league.

Also Alpha Squad is soon looking into bringing you another coop tournament. This is right now in the idea-phase, and we doesn't even know if it is gonna fly. What we do know is that if you will see an additional coop tourney from Alpha Squad, it will be something totally new, and hopefully it will be something that can be done on a yearly basis. If it happens - Alpha Squad will have 2 yearly happenings contributing to the GR Coop community, and I think personally that is what we can handle. We have been working our arses off since December 2002 with the SR2003 tournament - wich means (for me at least) that nearly 3 months of hard work has gone into setting this thing up. With another yearly event I roughly calculate another 2 or 3 months hard work and thats about it. We will need the rest of the time to have fun and do what we love the most: Go out there and play Coop the Alpha Way.

So look at our tournaments as our fair share of bringing you some fun. Also look at them as a possibility for you and your team to set up a coop event for the community.

I hope more teams can go in and set up coop tourneys so that we at all times can enjoy what we belive to be the most fun part of GR: coop tourneys and brand new missions played for that very first time - and counting.

To the teams that still have to play week4 - have fun - it's probably the best mission of the SR2003 tournament.

To the teams that have finished. Thanks for being here. Keep on look into this forum thread pls. to support the remaining teams as they still are in the field.

Ghost Recon is gonna stay alive for a very long time dudes. Let's give this great game what it deserves to soar even higher.


Looking up in this post I can hardly believe I wrote all this. There is so much more to say, but im gonna seal it off with these words - since I hate reading long posts my self.

Have Fun!

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Congratulations to all the teams that participated in SR2003! Without you guys there could be no tournament!

On a side note... does anyone know how to get rid of those goddam internet popups? 

My solution is to install a router between the DSL/Cable modem and your computer. It's very easy to install, relatively inexpensive and will mask your IP address from the net. I use a 100mb Linksys 4 port router. All I had to do was plug it in. :)

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First of all:

Thanks a lot Alpha Squad for a very intense and exciting tournament. It was very professionel made and executed!!

Then I would like to congratulate all the teams. You all did a splendid job on completing the maps, luckily BadAzz did the job a tad better than you :D:devil:

Just like the rest of you, we too had a hard time with the missions, but at the same time, enjoyed to play GR a different way than usually.

I'm looking forward to future tournaments of this kind.

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Just wanna say how much I enjoyed playing in this tournament, the first one I've ever done and how proud I am that we made the top 3. Congrats to all the teams who entered the tourney, I think Alphasquad opened our eyes to a new way of playing GR. A big thankyou to Alphasquad for organising a superb tournament, those missions were tough and nervewracking. Cant wait to try them again when I'm not feeling quite so tense. Thanks a lot guys. :D

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Guest DeLeyt {AlphaSquad}

Thanks. It's really flatering hearing you enjoyed it so much :wub:

We had (and are still having) a lot of fun too.

It's great to see so many people having a good time and enjoying a different kind of tournament.

We will definitly come back in a few months with something new I think but we are in a very early stage of hatching idea's so it will take some time.

Also, we want to do some playing of our own ofcourse :P

Thanks again.

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Well....I just read every single post in this forum and I am so very pleased that you all enjoyed the SR2003 Tourney. Congrats to the leaders (well, as I write this there could be some movement in the standings..a little anyhow) but I want to thank all of you for being part of the tourney. Without y'all...there is no tourney. It was a labor of love on my part, and props have to go to Chavez on most excellent map making.

Also, thank you Rocky for taking such an active part and supporting Alpha's efforts during the games.

And a very special thank you goes out to SealZ for deciding to participate after their awful loss. Keith is proud of you...I know he is. You carried on Sealz name.

Looking forward to seeing all of you a whole lot more....my very best


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Thanks for the sentiments Ice, i think we had a period after the accident where we didnt really get to train like we usually do, and i'm sure we will be a lot better prepared for the next tournament we decide to enter.

I think i can speak for all of us when i say that we really appreciate all the hard work that you guys put in preparing and running the tournament, and the professional ethos the whole event was organised on, we enjoyed every single mission no matter what the outcome, although obviously we are still smarting after our last excursion ;) but even there we are having to laugh at the way things panned out so quickly when they went wrong, we've put it down to experience and a valuable lesson learned.

Obviously you guys are welcome to join our server any time your in town, and we look forward to playing with you in the future and taking part in any other tournaments that you manage to organise... Thanks again... :rocky:

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just a quik question, i see the mission pack will be released shortly, i have not kept up on the tourney and such but have heard a great deal about the missions, so please forgive any repetiveness on my part....

are these original maps? or are these server sided missions?


:ph34r: ~NkOgNiTo~ :ph34r:

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