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AlphaSquad's 2003 Stealth-Recon C0-0P Tournament.


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Congatulations to all the teams that score points on week 3. The mission was hard but not imposible, We got massacre and score no points but had fun. To the ones that have not done the mission... Good luck and migth God be with you(You will needed,lol). Week 4 looks to be intense, so good luck to all teams

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Great Job BAD.

Man these missions are a scripted like no others anyone has played. Cjhavez deserves a pat on the back. My team mates might not agree....we are really struggling with them. Tuff but fun.

Thanks again Alpha Squad, you guys run a professional tourney. Very well organized, and executed.

GG's All!


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Guest DeLeyt {AlphaSquad}

Thanks WW.

BTW: SeALZ scored 100 points on mission 3!

The replay is awesome. It's saved and locked in my vault :D

It will be put up on the website as soon as allteams have played week 3.

EDIT; too bad we didn't figure out a way to record the comms yet....it adds just so much more to the replay.

Have to figure out how we can do it in a way so it's both very understandable and low on resources (aka: filesize).

Edited by DeLeyt {AlphaSquad}
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Thx for mission 2 Chavez. Try to play with a computer controled guy(since there is no demo pack with silence weapon) and he gave us away all the time,LOL. I got so mad at him that have to kill him,lol. Thx again Alpha Squad. Great tourney. I just wish that it was 4 times a year instead of 1 time a year(got a hint Chavez, LOL). Cant wait for the last Mission, Reading the briefing, looks like suicide. Thx again AlphaSquad

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I will make some more stealth missions every now and then and publish them at our website and prolly here at gr.net. Together with Seal Team 6 briefings and that stuff. You wont see another Stealth Recon Tourney until early next year. But right now AlphaSquad is discussing some new ideas to bring you another new coop tournament consept. Nothing is decided yet - but if we go for it you should expect it to be something totally different than ever seen before in the gr coop scene. More later.

Good Luck in mission 4 teams You'll need it. They are protecting Bin Laden like heck nowadays. So week4 will be the ultimate!

Have Fun!

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since there is no demo pack with silence weapon

I just wish that it was 4 times a year instead of 1

I agree with both points! No SD in a demo kit is a killer. And the next Alpha Squad COOP Tourney will see GR.net competing - not spectating! Bring it on!

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I must say that I am so proud to be the squad leader of =SeALZ=. The team played so well tonight I am only full of praise.

I know that Alpha have put LOADS of work into this tourney and it really shows....the missions are hard...try em single player or with your buddies without training for this type of mission and wow........ :o=

Thanks to Alpha and thanks to our grader for tonight, Deleyt - great mission - well thought out and well organized. I look forward to Monday.



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The Missions and briefings are awsome! I'm having a mini-LAN party on the first and it's based totally on the SR2003 mission. I've been emailing bits and pieces of the briefings for the last two weeks to 7 other guy's. They're chompin at the bit to get into them. All of us are fairly new to GR. 4 Haven't even played yet :D Two are driving up from Oregon (to WA) just to play. I'm stoked. Great effort on the missions and intel briefings Alpha....Kudos Chavez. Well done. Thanks for making them available for everyone else. Rocky it's nice to see a site that is so dedicated and well monitored. Keeps the goons away.

Hats off to you.

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I'm getting all worked up here about the 4th mission!!

This is gonna get tough and fun, I hope I'll not end up dead in the first minutes and only able to hear the others getting whooped or, hopefully, taking the 1st place home to the rest of the BadAzzes and Denmark and I like to be with them for the entire match!

I love the first 2 missions (haven't tried 3rd one yet), once again - GREAT WORK ALPHA AND CHAVEZ (AND OF CAUSE ALL OTHERS BEHIND THIS GREAT TOURNAMENT)!

Btw, you can publish the future missions you make in our download section. at www.badazz-danes.dk

Tuesday is our magic day and we have only 2 days of practice before we hit "ground zero" in this tournament.

Damn, I'm ecxited like a child waiting for christmas. This is gonna be fun. :rolleyes::o=

finally, I like to congratulate SealZ, and SRS for their 100 points in the 3rd round and our m8s in the Ghost Recon Elite Platoon for their score of 85 points, we'll see you at training again soon, GR!

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