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Thermal scope/goggles


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Thermal scopes are barely viable IRL, the weight of the electronic and optics package can be enormous. I'm assuming by 'thermal' you mean 'heat vision' as opposed to infrared night-vision. The problem with a thermal scope is that a standard lens obviously doesnt refract infrared light the same way it refracts visible, so you cant just bung on a pair of IR specs and then look down your hensoldt. You need an electronic infrared camera coupled to an active video screen, which leaves you with an extremely heavy gun which is also pretty difficult to camouflage. I had a link to some early trials of these things but I think the gremlins stole it... On the GR front however it would be pretty cool, as it *should* work just as good in daylight as at night, which could make those long-range snipe competitions a little more interesting :)


PS - GR2 engine should allow that kind of shader effect though, right? Hell if Splinter Cell can do it so well...

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The green is hardcoded but I think someone mentioned before that if you changed the way the nv mask colors showed so it mixed with the green it could come out grey. I don't see why it isn't possible just someone has to sit there and play around with the textures. Theres another thread about this somewhere around here...

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