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Anyone up to the challenge of adding a trijicon sight pictured on this M-16 to Cobra's M-468? (I highlighted the sight of the rifle with a white box so it could be easily seen.)


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The Link at the top of this post is from November, I doubt Cobra6 left the file on his server. If he stops by maybe he'll re-post or perhaps you could find someone who has it, that can send it to you? - Warden Mac is the one who makes the models, and has in the past sent 3dMax files, I suggest a PM to him with a request at our forums (link in my sig), if someone wants to modify it. Be aware that he has been traveling a lot lately, and may not be able to reply right away.

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I requested the 3dMax files from Warden Mac and he was kind enough to send me all the needed 3dMax files to modify the M-468 rifle.

Anyone interested in making new modifications of the M-468 just send me a personal message.

(Someone please take up the project.) :please:


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