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Branston Pickle Crisis!

Dick Splash

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Now......for those of you less cultured in the culinary arts of.........errrrrrrrrr.......British cuisine, a tragedy has befell a whole nation of sandwich, cheese and pub food adicts;

Branston Factory

Branston is a brand and several of their products you would 'dollop' on a cheese 'sarny' [sandwich].

Imagine, America, if you will........'A1 Steak Sauce' not being available on the supermarket shelf!!! :o


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Reason I asked is I'm attending a history course about Africa, right now were focusing on the south. My professor wrote a book we're having to read called Laduma! about soccer's early years in some of towns around there, namely Cape Town, Johannesburg, Soweto (Orlando, Meadowlands), Sophiatown, and Durban. I saw your location and thought I'd ask. :)

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