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Alright guys heres is the deal,

The yotm team is in desperate need for some talented scriptors. We are on our last map, the campaign has been written and some of the missions have been done. We just need to complete them.

If your interested in helping get this project completed, please drop me a PM or email me at osburt@hotmail.com.

BTW, serious inquirys would have at least one mission under their belt that we could review.



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To script on probably some of the finest custom maps that has been made, on a mod that's probably not to far from Frostbite in size and quality has to be a real challenge, that a scripter or two could help you guys out with so we can see this awesome work. Personally I have only very basic scripting skills so I don't think I could help you out with this but if there's other small things you need help with, I would be glad to help out.

I guess the number of really good scripters that still script is getting lower here in the community and that's sad, but please, those who are still left here, help out this guys!!

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I have 1 mission maybe you could use. But if it's in the same story-line as the mod is, I donno (I don't think so). It's on a jungle map (swamp airfield) and it's kinda stealthy mission. Feel free to use it. Download from my site(sig=link).

Afterall I don't want this mod to be cancelled.

But to get into Igor again ? :no: got my hands full with RL.

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I am busy scripting missions for CEP mod.

If you like I can sent you one mission next week for evaluation. I think I can do some work for you since I dont think CEP mod needs more than 2 missions from me. (maybe just one more :D, which I only have in my head, need to see if it possible and good)

Only my quality scripting time is limited cause of some things...if you can tell me when you would like to release the mod I can let you know if I am able to script a mission within that time.

PM me if you are interested in my help.

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I really would like to help but im' pretty tied up with SWEBAT now. Unfortunatley I lost almost all of the material for my new Civil War mod ( :support::rant::angry: ) so I guess that's out of the picture. Otherwise once SWEBAT is fin. I'd definitely be able to help.

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Well first off, I would like to thank everyone who replied to show support. It means a lot to the team. I got some pms and I will be replying to all of them.

For those of you that are interested and have a good mission that we can try out to see your talent, please email me a link to dl it and myself and the rest of the team will try it out.


Thanks for the offer, but we do have a written campaign that we want to try and stick with.

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