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Welcome to China, Comrade!

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This is my first "real" map project I completed way back in Jan 2004: The Great Wall. It was built specifically for a mod which, unfortunately, never took off.

Well, no point letting it rot on my hard-disk. So I've asked someone to do up a mission or two for me, so watch out for it soon. :)




There are a few places where your AI buddies may not follow :wall: , and the blue lines in IGOR are an unholy mess of chicken scratch :wacko: . I spent half my time making mistakes, and the other half fixing them! :rofl: But I learned a lot through this map. And made my other maps better.

Like, I've finished a new map. It may look simple in-game, but the AI can pathfind anywhere, the Blue Lines are very neat, textures look good... here's a sneak...


I'm figuring, GR has reached the final chapter, :( and this is my last chance to put my mark on this game before all of us move to GR2 :rolleyes: . I'll keep you guys posted. :thumbsup:

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Looks nice Worm! New maps are always welcome and it's interesting to see how other artists are building them up. Waiting for the download link...

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like that last screen!

let me guess, afghanistan?

thought I'd seen something like that on tv (before the taliban blew it up)

I dont think its meant to resemble somewhere, just something he thought up. I may be wrong but it doesnt really look like afghan. :ph34r:

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