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Show me your Weapons!


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It is indeed AWOL and has been so from the very day that I made the base model, well over a year ago now.

Might just stick one on there although it's really going to be a waste of polys, no one will ever notice ingame unless they nosebump it!

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hey all,

had no chance to mod anything new lately, but found these in my max scenes. didnt get around to adding texture, but thought i'd post a pic for the fun of it anyway.



noticed a few issues. have a mesh issue with the back part of the rail, near the sight. is it fixable, or should i just re-build the rail? also the forearm on the long version isnt wide enough.


nat :thumbsup:

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Ok, so it has been ages since I've been on the site. I've been paging through the posts here, and I was wondering if anyone has modeled the new M24A2. Essentially the tried and true M24 with a top-mounted full-length and short side-mounted Picatinny Rails, barrel lugs for a suppressor, modifications to the shoulder stock and a 10 round magazine. Just curious, as I've seen these things around lately.

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"eye of the 3d modeler" guys...I don't see it either...just more nice stuff from ole nat...

mig :ph34r:

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say on the G36C, first rail lug immediately after the scope lens cover is too wide. And it looks like the front lens cover is sticking through the rail lugs a bit.

If that isn't it, then I honestly have zero idea what you're talking about when it comes to errors...these things are GORGEOUS!!

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Comp M lens covers make for a nice look, but any soldier will tell you, his have fallen off and he has no intention of replacing them.

Looks good Snow.

First weapon I've done in 4 years, used a new method for the lower from a tutorial I watched, saved me tons of poly's. Sitting at around 2063 before optimization. Besides some obvious smooth group issues, not too shabby for being out of the game for nearly 4 years.

Course, I have a glock 22, so it helped.

Link to a High Res render, learning to use max again, lol. The texture work will start tomorrow morning, hoping to have it done by tomorrow evening. Next will be a HK417 :)

Glock 22

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That looks better...can see what's going on in that render. Glad to see you are getting back into the swing of things Cink.

Looks like you are having a few smoothing issues in that model though, plus a fair amount of details that I'd leave for a normal map...then again normals would be totally depending on what engine you are aiming it at.

An ortho left/right side render with wires would help alot in seeing what's really going on though.

As for the 417...let me know if you need reference...got some good photos sent to me by a make a while ago. ;)

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I Just fixed the smoothing issues in the grip. Namely around where the rear trigger pin is in the grip, and there was an edge that needed turning towards the font of the grip.

For all the detail in this, it has 1545 Polys. I don't really intend on putting this in any game, just kind of a, I'm coming back weapon.

I got some AWESOME video tuts, taught me a lot about max, shortcuts, functions that i had no idea what they meant. Was good for me, even though I used max for several years, I still didn't know what all this meant.

Here are the links to the tuts:



Thanks for the 417 offer. I've actually handled a couple, but will definitely take you up on the pics.

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Max has indeed changed alot in the last few years, so has really modeling/texturing aswell perticularly as normal maps now are the norm for any model out there and painted in lighting is out. There's just to much to be gained with using normal and specular maps ontop of the old colour maps we were used to from GR.

Here's one example of a breakdown of one of my relatively recent models, animated to you can see what the different maps do. At the stage I did that render I hadn't painted in any wear into the textures so it looks kinda factory new.


(Click for a larger view)

And here's my 417 collection, some downloaded from the web and some unique. Sure there are likely more pics out there now though, I haven't been collecting for a while as I already know what weapons I'll be making in the near future.

HK417 download

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Your the man snow!

Watching this tut has taught me an entirely different way of mapping. It is going to ensure every inch of my Glock has a detailed texture to go on it. Also, things I didn't know about Photoshop.

Thanks for the images, I'll post a render as soon as it is textured.

By the way, Sig is gorgeous.

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Hmm, I think I missed completely this thread. Well, so I'll post what I have for now.

Making the AR18:


This is an early WIP image of the Armalite AR-18. The model is missing the rearsights and I still have to texturize it, but then it will be done. Made with MilkShape3D (took like one hour I think to get to this stage). All from scratch, using only one reference pic. More variations will follow.

This is not really Ghost Recon related (yet). In fact, it's made in MilkShape3D. I just wanted to post it here because it's my first model made from scratch and it may show up in Ghost Recon in the future.


Redone frontsights and added rearsights and charging handle. Textures soon


So, this is the final result. Fully textured, I think it only lacks some details in the sights and a better resolution pic for the handguards. Will start the work in other versions tomorrow. Final model is 652 polys only. Made with MilkShape3D.

Working on the Trijicon Tripower TX30:


This is my WIP report on the Trijicon Tripower TX30 reflex sight. It's still missing a mount, lens covers and textures. 870 polys so far.


The poly count raised to 1586. I added the TX16 flipcaps to both lens. Also, the fiberoptic cover is out of place for now, until I finish the model. It's still missing a mount. I will probably add the Larue 30mm (the same used in the Aimpoint CompM2). Then, with textures, the Trijicon Tripower TX30 shall be ready.

If anyone is reading this, can you please voice your opinion about the lenght of the Tripower. I'm not sure if I done it right.

Also, these are my first two models made from scractch.

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The model looks good :thumbsup: for a first go well done ,

But i have to ask a question ? and please dont take this the wrong way 0:) But why go to all the trouble of making this model if your not going to use it in GR? may be you have another game in mind for it ? but you only mention GR, You would be much better off finding yourself a copy of Max5 from somewere :pirate: that way you can use the RS plug in for max and place the correct helper point and export to game to see what it looks like as your going along :thumbsup:

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Well Hammer, it's not really aimed at Ghost Recon (just because there are games that are easier to export to), but I really made it with Ghost Recon in mind (AFAIK, it's all consistent with the correct scale).

Also, in the future I may sort a way to use these models in Ghost Recon, but for now they stay in MilkShape compatible formats.

And, as I forgot to mention, I currently cannot afford a copy of 3DSMax.



So, this is the result. I've finished the Trijicon Tripower TX30 reflex sight, including the TX15 anti reflexive web and TX16 flipcaps. Please excuse me for the poor texture.
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