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Show me your Weapons!


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hey all.

been a while since i posted here. got some questions about renders if that's cool?

been messing around with my render's (obviously) and just wondered if anyone could offer ideas on how to improve on what i have so far? dont pay too much attention to the model - it's unfinished and not for [GR] (or anything else for that matter - although i will /have done a low poly version for a mod for gr1)

this is the first render of this type i have tried. kinda happy with the idea of it, but just want to learn new thing's y'know?

also, on an unrelated matter, does anyone know how to stop o'r correct missing faces while using boolean? i had this here, but the only way i could think of was using (forget the name) - then cap holes, then deleting the capped areas. hmm....that doesnt make sense...does it?

oh yeah, added the bipod last minute from an old model....yes, it sucks.

any help or crit or abuse welcome. gotta learn somehow.

thanks all.


Kinda late reply but I don't really check the [GR] modding forums all to much nowadays.

Looks to me like a regular run of the mill skylight + light tracer render, maybe a tad grainy in areas.

To spice it up alittle I'd toss in a weak keylight with shadows turned on and probably up the specularity alittle of the material you have applied to the model. Ought to make the model stand out alittle more than what it does right now.

As for booleans, evil they are! It's just about impossible to get a good result from a boolean without having to clean things up by hands afterwards, target weld is your best friend in those situations. I generally stay away from boolean's nowadays and instead cut holes out by hand.

This might come in handy for that.

Hole without boolean tutorial

And as this is the thread that it is, here's something I'm working on at the moment....screencap straight out of 3dsm.


Finished Normal map along with just a few base colours at the moment

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hey guys... been a while since i was here and this thread brought up memories of my brief (and TBH fairly untallented modding period)... here's my efforts, only the spr made it into GR tho, the rest are just for the renders:









link for spr mod here:


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  • 2 months later...

hey guys/gals,

once again, been ages since i posted in here. so thought i'd show some quick renders of current models im working on. (mostly making them for my own satisfaction)

would really like it if you could all give some pointers on how to improve thing's. all crit is welcome - how else am i to learn right?












thats about it for now. sorry if you are bored to death by it.



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Some areas might be alittle overkill in the modeling side of things, depending ofcource on what engine they are for.

Then again I'm working real lowpoly here nowadays, limiting myself to 3500 polys where alot of other folks seem happy to throw out 6000 polys for the same weapons.

The only thing that really stands out to me would be the M1014 being mirrored.

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no kidding snow, the models these days easily reach 6000.

I will say a few things that look like strange....

The big plastic hand gaurd has been replaced in most units as a picatinny rail and the shoulder peice on the butt stock seems a little small to me, the end of the m16mag port area also seems flat... if i recall right it also slants the same as the rest of it does.... other then that it looks great.

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Oh I can easily toss 6000 polys at a model if I have to, but if I with good use of normal maps and some planning can make a 3500 poly model look like it is 6000 then what's the use of going overboard :devil:

Example, less than 3000 polys in the weapon and just over 2000 for the scope...mind you that's with "working" internals.


That's the M14 model shown in Blackfoot studios latest newsletter, just original scale render.



And 360 of the model with WIP textures.

360 .mov file

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Probably could as a freelancer/contractor but I'm instead happily donating my services to BFS for free. Well, apart from the free shirt and collectors coin that I've been sent.

John and I have a verbal agreement to hold off on any reinbursement discussions till a later date and that suits me just fine. :yes:

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whoa! that m14 is incredible! awesome work snow. it will be about 400 years before i can make something like that.

did you make that from personal knowledge, or from the crappy images available for the m14 on google? im astonished at how clean it is and you seem (to me) to have every detail. im jealous. hats of to you sir.

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man, i guess it comes down to not being able to paint my textures. always have to find a high-ish res pic, but in the case of the m14 - that hasnt happend. not for lack of trying though! it's always the way though eh? got some great pics of the ebr, but no m14. it's kinda funny actually, some of the more obvious weapons like, m24,m40 and m14/m14 dmr - i've never been able to make due to image problems.

saying that, i have pretty much most of my hd taken up with pics of almost every other weapon. my girlfiend must think im some kind of arms dealer. :wacko:

Edited by natsanwa
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well, you right wet my appetite for m14's today. been searching since this afternoon. no luck. do you think it would be worth e-mailing springfield armoury or something? it worked for brugger and thomet, but then again got a 'do one' from barrett. :(

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i guess it just comes down to lack of ability in photoshop. this is something i really need to work on. i gotta make a few thing's for ingeloop, then i thik ill give it a try and see if i can come up with something. thanks for posting those links snow.

sorry im such a pain in the ar**, i just love modding weapons, and tend to get a bit excited over it. obsessive maybe.

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I can't believe the day has come I found a correction to make on a Snow fellow model! :notworthy:

Safety switch is AWOL.


Really though, I had to carry the thing around for a day when our designated marksmen had about killed over dead from a cold. I could get use to it :o=

Such an easy weapon to take apart too.

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