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Show me your Weapons!


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No can do mate. The mod they are all aimed towards have a very set lineup of weapons as it's to mimic a movie. Wouldn't exactly be "realistic" if I instead of an M4 or AKMS made a SCAR or AK101 instead.

Oh... now we just have to figure out which movie...

Simply based on the FNC I would say HEAT. It's not in that many movies you know. :P

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It's still extremely rough though mate, and I'm more and more starting to realise I've given the barrel way to small space in my texture as it's way to blurry for my liking. :wall:

And this weather just won't let up on my...just sat through another 2 hours of continous thunderstorms today, it's wreacking havoc with my productivity!

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knives are extremely easy to texture and quick. Shouldn't be more then an hour to finish that.

Yeah -- I spent something like 20 minutes before I got tired of it. :rofl:

(Plus, no dodge/burn, no overlays, heavy focus on subtle reflections/color variation -- couple personal style preferences that really slow one down.)

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hey all.

been a while since i posted here. got some questions about renders if that's cool?

been messing around with my render's (obviously) and just wondered if anyone could offer ideas on how to improve on what i have so far? dont pay too much attention to the model - it's unfinished and not for [GR] (or anything else for that matter - although i will /have done a low poly version for a mod for gr1)

this is the first render of this type i have tried. kinda happy with the idea of it, but just want to learn new thing's y'know?

also, on an unrelated matter, does anyone know how to stop o'r correct missing faces while using boolean? i had this here, but the only way i could think of was using (forget the name) - then cap holes, then deleting the capped areas. hmm....that doesnt make sense...does it?

oh yeah, added the bipod last minute from an old model....yes, it sucks.

any help or crit or abuse welcome. gotta learn somehow.

thanks all.



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