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Show me your Weapons!


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For anyone that cares:

The M14 trudges onwards, but the progress is slow. Currently in the process of grouping the UVWs in neat little bunches to make a smaller texture. I'm going to be using five textures for one gun because I'm lazy. One for the aimpoint one for the magazine, one for the frame of the gun, one for the reciever, sights and barrel, and one for the bolt and another little piece. The last two should be pretty small, esp the one with the bolt. I'm about to go insane from moving the UVWs like this, it takes forever.

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Some slight crits then :devil:

1911 looks great snared...I wouldn't want to shoot it though with the screws in the grip plates sticking out like that! They are generally flush with the surface of the drip and can easily be done with textures ;)

AT4 looks great as an early WIP but I can't remember the real thing having that band (model vise) around it just infront of the trigger. Real deal does however have a small pad right infront of the trigger to support your fingers better.

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yea, the stickers were made off of the americas army textures using them as refrences.

ruggbut did most of thoes to help me get things moving without worry about them...

the rear one


i had to make from scratch looking at a photo of the weapon

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