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Show me your Weapons!


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I wanted to say something earlier, but I just didn't feel frisky enough:


There's a ton of ref pics, particularly of the ACOG Reflex sight.  Should help with scaling and other niceties.

Thanks! That'll help, I thought it looked kind of funny too. My ACOG four power's a little small too I think.

There is a good ref pic of the relative size on a regular M4 in one of those zips. If you still can't find anything, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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CQBR Collection 

Those are the four variants that I've made based off of some pics.

very nice M4's....what is the polycount of one of those beauties?

They all hover around 7000 to 8000 without any deleted faces. I'm sure I can kick it down to five or six thousand if I tried.

Are they for GR s_g?

I'm 90% sure they're for the 5th SFG mod for HL2. Chems, Swartz, S_G, and many other of the most telented GR modders are working on it. No real news yet, but just look at the renders put out by the guys with the little 5th SFG tag in their sigs ;)

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