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Multiplayer Map Tour Video


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Several people have noticed that IGN is hosting a new Red Storm produced video that gives us a guided tour of seven of the new multiplayer maps in GR2 Xbox.

Low-res version (10MB)


Hi-res version (30MB)


Edit: Mirrored at http://files.3dretreat.com/file.asp?fileid=609

Here is a list of the multiplayer maps that are previewed in the video:

Ghost Village

Training Ground

War Zone

Ancient Ruins

Lost Convoy

Sand Mine

Bunkers (Looks like a cool tribute to the classic Rogue Spear map)


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IM not sure whether i am going to buy and Xbox , cos i want to get GR 2 and Halo 2 .  hmmmm

I'm a PC gamer primarily, but I'll be picking up Halo 2 to "warm up" for GR2 :P (to get used to using a Xbox controller instead of a keyboard/mouse)

Although I tried out and was impressed with the first couple levels of Halo 1 when it originally came out with the Xbox, I actually waited 2 years for the PC version to come out as I knew I could finish the game faster with a keyboard/mouse, and the resolution would look better. :rocky:

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