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Changing blood into paint...?


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Is it possible to change the bloodtextures (?) into colourfull paintball textures...?

I'd like to change Ghost Recon a little bit for my kids... I'd like to change all blood into paint.

I looked for paintball mods, but they all add special paintball weapons. I want to use the original weapons, but instead of bullets, I want to shoot paint.

The simplest way to get this done (I think) is to change the blood into paint (I guess...).

Right now I have blood turned off. What I'd like to get is this: when you shoot someone, you don't see blood but a colourful splash.

Is this possible? I have never ever modded anything, so I'm completely new to this...

I suppose the blood is some sort of texture (picture...?). Is it editable...? Can I change the blood into colourfull paint?

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I don't have the texture names in my head, but they are found in GR/MODS/ORIGMISS/TEXTURE. Look in the effect textures and you will find them. Just edit everything that is all red over to all blue or something and it will work. Might want to look for the bullet hole textures in there as well and edit them out.

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Hm, I remember opening some of those decal rsb's yesterday (I'm not behind my home computer now so I can't check), but as far as I can remember they were all black and white: black pictures with some very blurred white spots on it. Nothing red or bloody.

Is this correct? If so, how can you change the colour...?

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