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ATi Driver Install/Uninstall


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Here's a guide I found over at Rage3d.com by shasha on installing/uninstalling ATi drivers. I thought I'd post it here in the event it got deleted or something happened to a link.

I had problems with 2.3 Cats myself. They wouldn't uninstall and install newer/older versions without disabling directx. This method, though lenthy, cured all my problems.

1. Before Installation

  • Download Driver(s) and Control Panel from ATi's Site (ATi.com)
  • Download Regcleaner (vtoy.com)

2. Uninstallation

  • Uninstall all ATI drivers, software, etc. from the add/remove programs dialog. This makes system cleanup easier and will prevent errors from the process you are about to complete. Do not reboot when asked!
  • Delete Following Directories
    - C:\ATI
    - C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia
    - C:\Program Files\ATI Technology
    - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Raviscent Shared
    *Some may not exist*
  • Clean out the C:\Windows\Temp Directory There is a chance there are some driver files in there as well.
  • Go to the C:Windows\system32 Directory Make sure you are in detail view and right click on the header (where name, file type, date modified...is) and select more and check the box for Company. Then double click on the Company header and then delete all of the ATI files in there. Do the same for the C:Windows\system32\drivers directory.
  • Go to the C:\Windows\inf Directory You may need to 'unhide' it as it is a hidden folder, and delete any file that starts with ATI (open the inf files in notepad). Then go down to each file named oemxx.inf and open it, delete any that refer to ATI. Make sure that you delete the corresponding .pnf file as well.
  • Run Regcleaner. Delete any ATI entries (Software Tab)
  • Empty the Recycle Bin
  • Disable Internet so that WinXP can't connect and download drivers to install for you.
  • Reboot

3. Driver Installation

All Radeon require both Catalyst driver and control panel. AIW cards will also require the installation of WDM drivers in the following order.

  • Install WDM Drivers Do not reboot. AIW cards only!
  • Install Catalyst Driver Do not reboot.
  • Install Control Panel Reboot.

After this, Windows will load your drivers on startup. Just be sure to go into your Advanced Display options and run SmartGart so that you can activate 4x AGP if it isn't already (will require a reboot). You may then proceed to install any other ATI software that you uninstalled, which is available off their site. This worked for me, and I hope it works for you.

*Disclaimer: This requires going into places(registry) and files(*.inf) you shouldn't normally go, and could possibly mess up your pc. It is to be done at your own risk. I do not take responsibility for use of this information.*

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