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son of the mindless thread

Major Maximum

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[*]Choclate Milk

[*]Half and Half (Milk and Coffee...and sugar)

[*]Root Beer (Barqs)

[*]Birch Beer

[*]Sweet Tea (I'm from the south, whaddya expect)

[*]Molson... Not that I've ever had any... :unsure:

[*]Dr.Pepper / Mr. Pibb

Sports... this is an easy one.

So call me biased, but I LOVE Football. (no, NOT Soccer).

And the Jacksonville Jaguars have always been my team. They've had a rough couple of seasons, but now that they're getting rid of Tom Coughlin we should be back on track.

The biggest mistake they made was ditching Mike Hollis as a Kicker. :angry:

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so this guy(well call him "guy 1") walks into a bar ontop of the empire state building. guy 1 sees guy 2 drink a tecquila, then jump out the window.

guy 1:HOLY $H1t!!WHY'D HE DO THAT?!

<at this point the jumper(we'll call him "jumper") walks right back in through the front door.>

guy 1:how the hell did you survive a fall like that?

jumper: oh, that thing? aah, i just had some tecquila.

guy 1:...

jumper:tecquila makes your body really bouyant, so i just floated around until i just flew back up here!

<guy 1 orders a gallon of tecquila, to be sure, and jumps out the nearest window, dying instantly>



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Do you still have a problem? Take it to the Boss.  :rocky:

its a conspiracy i tell you

im gonna picket this thread --> :sheep:

It's not a conspiracy, Daywander started this thread just a bit shy of a year ago, as an experiment to see how long one thread would last. Would've probably went all this time except somehow it was broken by the masses. :lol:

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speakin of conspiracy...

don't you find it odd that people haven't been back to the moon after it was proven there is no cheese on it?

with the technology we have now dont you find it odd that they didnt even make an attempt to try land on the moon ever since neil did

its all a conspiriacy im telling ya

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