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gr2 preview post thought and ect.


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it 11:00 pm, and ive been up since 3:00am so this post will be short, after sleep ill post more about what i saw with gr2.

short version:

GR2 plays like GR 1,videos dont do it justice ect..

i now look forward to getting it.

ok time to sleep 12 hours on road and tired.

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theres basicly a lot of stuff to talk about. or to tell.

this new xbox version plays like the pc version we all love.

the xbox version is being made first for ease of development, but it looks like the pc version is not going to be a "strait" port it feels as if the xbox version was a strait port.

i really dont know how to fit it all in a post so ill prob leave a lot out.

the maps are really nice, i took a camera but left it in the car (oops)

the models are really ###### awsome.

that first video is bs and should just be removed from the net. it does not represent that mission in the slightest. that mission in reality was very good and was nothing odd if you are a hx,jack57,chavez,monkey fan. it was a gr mission ( there where a few new things the engine can do but thats just gravy )

seriously that video needs to go, Red storm you really need to remake that video showing the actual game play.

you can know walk on rocks, and fall.

lone wolf is awsome and is more like behemoth than cat and mouse. its not goofy space warrior it still plays like ghost just with a few extra toys, there really should be a way ( server side ) for every one to play all the standard game types in MP as the lone wolf soldier.

there are some things i didnt like, but im also a PC gamer and expect every thing to be just what i want. and thats not going to happen. ( then again an xbox is chump change to a pc and not many xboxers go out and drop 600 bucks on new gear so they can really make your game shine.)

lots of good stuff the game is worth it all xbox players loved it. the pc gamers liked it ( that says a lot it was an xbox game )

there is some really cool stuff planned for the pc gammer crowd.


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If Suli went to BulletTooth's demo, you can find a bit more info at my site and by the same author who went to the event at Ubi's official forums.

Not a lot of detail yet, other than some MP game modes (Hamburger Hill, LMS, Team LMS) but a couple of photos from the event. Apparently, in the non-"screenshots", the guy on the left with his head blocked in both pics is BT.

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yes i went to the san fran preview.

i was there all day and talked to them about it most of the time so there is some good info. ( for xbox )

yes the ,main part of the day was MP. the xboxers played a little run and gun but those that did the bset played the more thought out style. we viewed a lot of maps and all the finished maps were very nice. the water effects are some of the best ive seen. you arent stoped by small hils and rocks anymore ( you have much more freedom of movement. )

basicly MP plays the same but with new tools and flashier graphics. the grass is pretty nice and "sways" with the wind you can also hide in it. over all the level design is very well thought out, its not thick schrubs for the sake of thick shrubs.

there was actually a lot of detail there ( it was a debug version so some things may change ) you just had to be there "all day" i spent half the time talking and the other half watching closly, at every thing from movements guns ret, speed, flow, map design models ect...

but with out sitting down for at least a number of hours typing every thing out, its easier to let it flow.

i can only tell you that no image or video ive seen reflected the game right, it is much better. that was another reason i didnt run back down to my car to get the camera. well i guess you could have seen the other maps but that was post thought.

we played (viewed) MP multiple game types, SP the first mission, and lone wolf SP.

i spent about 7 hours there so i got a lot of abservation and questions in. just ask if i know it ill tell, if i dont ill lie (just kidding i wont lie )

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p.s. yes that was kimi she is a mod over at far cry ubi forum.


the two talking on the left are splitz and adam, with redrum just to the right ect..

i was out smoking. actually no one got a pic of me so maybe i wasnt even there.

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oddly enough those pictures of demo screens at london show already look better than the videos we have had. The videos look duller, but the color in those pictures look very rich & 20 times better ... dare I show slight excitement after many moans in other threads .... :wacko::)

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Damn Suli and his frikkin camera ;( he he just kidding. Nice one mate. I was already warming back up to GR on the PC. Now i'm back to full steam.

I wonder how many PC gamers like us will go out and get an X box so they don't have to wait. I think i'll wait for the PC version though. It's not that im not excited about it enough, I just wanna save the experience and keep it pure.

To be honest i'm sick of all the hype about Halo 2. I thought H1 was absolute ######. A bit pretty yeah but sooooo repetetive. The Bungie types have this superior grin on their faces all the time as if they are the saviours of gaming. You can tell Bill gates has been making them feel quite special. ;) Sorry for the rant but I really do hate bells and whistles only games.

Aaaaaanyway. GR1 so far is the longest enduring (does that sentence even work?) game i've played. I started playing it with the first Castle demo and only ran out of steam about 4 months ago. (sadly with nothing to replace it yet).

It'll be hard waiting for the pc version but there it is; Life is hard then you (go online and make other people) die.

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Hm, Nice Preview ! Any Informations about the PC version available and their Changes for PCs ? And, most important, will UBI release Plugins for the Mod-Community ? Will GR2 moddable ??

i think they will answer these questions ( which we all want answered ) after the release of the Xbox and PS2 version. think i read that somewhere, but forgot where.

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well as for buying the xbox version ( i do actually have a console, shiver )

i asked one simple question that would make or break the pruchase. will there be split screen coop. so ill be getting it.

as far as modding goes, i discussed that a bit with the fellow from ubi.

not a direct quote but a good jist.Red storm and Ubi know and understand just how important supporting the modding community is to extending the life of the game. allthough no specifics. it was stated that modders will be supported.

the maps ( at least to me ) look like there still made in max. and that there using terrain mesh ( like some of the latest custom maps being made ). which is a good thing. when i mentioned it ( so ok we discussed modding more than a little ) he asked whether this was a good thing or bad thing. i mentioned that it is great for the developers as it offers them the best freedom and power to create with. but for modders not so great since im not spending 3500 buck on software to make maps and i sure as hell wasnt putting cracked or hacked anything on my comp.

Over all the direction was for good mod support ( "opinion" probly not the level of moddability of cryengine but better than gr1 ( with the "enhanced igor" )

i did my best ( moslty i was hopeing on this one ) to see if there where any tell tail signs of placable objects ( like trees and buldings ) on the maps but i found none. in some spots ( this was still debug ) you could see where the ground texture "creeped" up onto a building fluidly , so my assumtion how ever with no confermation and pure speculation was that a brush editor method was not used. then again the maps were big and i couldnt check every thing.

as for the pc version it was not being discussed, other than it will have extra goodies.

my favorite part was how red storm "refused" to deliver a bad game. it was just nice to here that even though ubi owns red storm, the red storm crew was still there own thing.

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