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Some German skins

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I been doing some german skins for the last few days. I was thinking about making a mod based on german special forces. But now Im not sure I could find the time. I may donate them if anyone could be interested.





Also a version of Wildcats superb Flecktarn:


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thanks to the extreme dedication of Raven and Baja Bravo,

the HX5 mod ended up being an uber-GSG9 mod

its got the modern german weapons and 12 skins as well as a german CH53

in addition to the skins, it even as several custom characters which IMO are some of Baja's best work:



also, in MP games, the green platoon is entirely made up of germans

you can even play with the german skins in coop if you select green platoon when playing the team/coop gametypes

if you dont have time to make a new mod ... you could just put together some missions for HX5 and use all the german-specific content thats in there (thereby saving all that time you dont have ... :rocky: )

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