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Maya and GR... possible?


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Is there a way to make models for GR using Maya? I have heard that all the exporting plugins are for 3dsmax only. I know how to export geometry from maya to 3dsmax but i just cant think of a way to export skinning and rigging.

Please give ANY imput you can on this.

Probably answered before in this forum but im new on here.

C ya.

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Dang. Well well..... to bad then.

Anyone have any links for good tutorials on exporting and ... well anything 3dsmax for ghost recon. Dont think ill have the time to relearn skinning and such things though but any tutorial links and tips arre still welcome. Guess ill have to put my nifty models into some other game.

Just to bad when all my pals play GR and wants me to make them their maps ans stuff.

Thx for the input anyhow.

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Look for topic "For the new folks" that is pinned on top in this forum. U'll find a lot of stuff there.

I bet if u have some kickass stuff to show, someone will try to help u and get into GR.

Good luck!

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If you can import from Maya to 3Dsm then maybe you can send your Maya models to someone here who has 3DSM and they can then export it to GR.

YEah but im not sure i can export the moddels rigged and skinned. Just the geometry. But ill try a few more things:)

i will check out that topic too.

Starting up a Far Cry specialforces coop mod at the moment for production after xmas. But still wanna contribute to this awesome game.

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