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Sniper's Challenge


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I just downloaded it, doubled clicked on it, it self installed, went into game..selected mission as game type....wa la....5 or 6 mission maps of sniper challenge.

Pretty good I might add. I really liked Ronski's Sniper missions but this one adds a new element. The enemy in Sniper Challenge will actually hunt you down after you make contact. These guys will sneak, crawl, throw nades...whatever it takes to get you. I think these types of games really help your multiplayer skills out alot. It helps you practice looking for enemy camped out in the shadows.

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This is the Read Me:

SNIPER'S CHALLENGE version 1. February 20th, 2003



***A very special "high five" to my friends and beta-testers Dread, Moving

Target, and Killer - thanks so much for the input fellas, couldn't have done it

without you!***

This map pack contains six (6) maps from the [Ghost Recon]: Caves, Bridge, Village,

River, Mountain, and one multiplayer map ("River" as well, but renamed to "River2").

So, the big question is; how is this map pack different from other sniper missions?

Heh heh...go ahead - launch a game to find out.

In every mission, you're up against not just regular ghillied snipers, but ones that

CRAWL and hunt you down as well! I made certain that almost every tango was in a shadowed area

rather than exposed in the sun. If you see ones that ARE in the open, careful before firing

as they're probably decoys covering something much more..."lethal" (evil grin).

In close conjunction with these enemy sniper units are the "Elite" mobile snipers -

non ghillied units equipped with long to mid range weaponry well suited to putting a 165 grain

peice of lead into your cranium when you least expect it.

And finally, to make things REALLY interesting, I also went ahead with my original plan to

include a small amount of "countersnipers" within each mission - some of them equipped with MM1

grenade launchers. There was a fair amount of criticism attached to this as it was originally

believed these units would make each mission impossible to complete. As it turns out, players

enjoyed the countersniper's presence as it livened up periods where players were under extreme

tension of using their optics to scan for prone enemies.

And how difficult ARE these maps?

To give you an idea, I've never successfully completed one with or without

AI teammates - except in multiplayer. Only in multiplayer with human assistance (and voice

chat programs activated) did we succeed. Expect to complete each mission in no less than an hour

(an hour and a half perhaps for the larger ones such as Mountain and Caves). If you prefer

the "Run and Gun" approach, expect to be dropped quickly and without mercy. Your chances of

survival improve dramatically if you drop prone at game start and work out a strategic plan

of action. Use your optics to their fullest and check your satellite link frequently. What may

be invisible to you in-game may be revealed in full by your digital link-up.

Worst case scenario: so there you are, sniping away and some AI dumba** throws a frag.

You're dead, right? Not quite. Some of the frags have delayed timers - up to ten seconds on

some of them. You stand a good chance of pulling through in one peice if you look around for

cover and get up and run. Just don't do it in plain sight of the tango.

And now for the flaws...

You're up against the AI. This means that over time, you WILL get used to its difficulty,

and you will begin to "ace" the game - getting killed fewer and fewer times. When that happens, I

challenge you to remove the threat indicator and lower the spawns. If you can survive all these

missions using little or no help, hats off to you - phone up your local Forces recruiter and

demand a teaching position.

Another wrench in the gears occurred when I finally discovered I could edit the names of

the tangoes using IGOR. As it stands, you'll often find yourself killing Marines and other

"friendly" units at times. Since I have a job and a life, I'm not going to bother rectifying

this. I would have loved to have the top of your monitor read "You have eliminated an Elite

Countersniping Specialist" or "You have eliminated DeadEye John" or something like that. Instead,

I'll mosey on down to the local bookstore and pick up a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien's

LORD OF THE RINGS. Besides, my fingers could use the R&R derived from not clicking a mouse

for a few weeks.

Last gripe: crashing with the game in multiplayer is a definite possibility if you

have either: 1) too many players, 2) players with ridiculously high pings, 3) high ping players

plus explosives enabled. To best counter this, testers and I have found that four to five players

MAX with good pings and explosives disabled runs the game stable. With fewer players and good

pings, explosives can be re-enabled. Two or three high ping players equipped with high ROF

support weapons will also give the game hiccups. These restrictions are due to the sheer

amount of tangoes you are engaging (forty-eight per map).

Originally, the missions wouldn't play on other people's computers when the files were

sent to them. This was rectified by ensuring that all customized weapons kits were included

in the installer.

Well, that's about it. All I can say is "Good luck, stay alive, and watch your six"!



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