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are there any night maps?


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There are many might versions of the original maps. Please check the download page here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/files.htm#Levels

I believe "Total reverse" could be prefect for you but it doesn't contain any IT map. Maps from SEALZ are good too.

Also I can remember Night Embassy included in British Infantry Mod from Chems. Don't forget that the greatest part of time it's enough to change the env file to have a very good night effect. :thumbsup:

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in HX5

theres an orig. night map Mesa

also 5 night conversions where i modified the dark maps and hex-edited the map code to reference the new dm's so that ppl cant cheat like the usual conversions ... (well its a helluva lot harder to cheat anyway)

feel free to use any of the hx5 maps in your mod

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How do you guys feel about  TOML 1.0 being

That Others May Live : Night Warrior


I think its good idea, and fun to play at night.  I tthink its pretty darn true to PJ's and sounds cool too!!!

Need some feedback!!!

Once I was not so fond of night maps but now I love them so my opinion is :thumbsup:

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