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Sig Award Rules, Guidelines, and prizes


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GR.NET Sig Awards Competition Rules and Guidelines.

Welcome to the GR.net Sig Competition. We hope to encourage fun and creativity, as well as a sense of fair play.

Signature Awards runs for 2 week intervals. A new thread will be created for each contest where you can post your submissions. A new theme/style will be chosen to which your entries have to be based on.

Who can enter?

Anyone. (You must be a member to post though.)

1: Sig's must be posted before the stated closing time - usually by Saturday midnight GMT of the second week of the contest.

2: All entries must be placed after the text 'Entry' so we know that it is your entry and not a test sig.

3: Must comply with all forum rules - i.e. no sexual or racial comments.

4: Sig's must be less than 100KB.

5: The size must not exceed 480W x 120H pixels - this is non-negotiable, i.e. you cannot have 470x130 pixels for example.

6: Animated sig's are allowed, but must not exceed rules 4 and 5.

7: Any winning sig cannot be entered again for any future Sig Awards.

8: The following file types are allowed: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .swf.

9: Only one sig entry per person per Sig Award's.

10: Only submit your own work.

11: All sig entries must contain some form of identification - to identify YOU.

Example for theme of "Military":


Example for theme of "Splinter Cell":sigaward#2.gif

The judging will take place the week after the competition closes by 2 permanent judges and one guest judge. The entries will be scored out of 5 in the following 4 areas - Originality, Skill, File Size, & Presentation - with a maximum of 20 points available. Whoever is judging, that fortnight, cannot enter the Sig Awards competition and submit their sig's. A new thread will be posted on Sunday after the winner is announced, with a new style/theme.

Winning sigs are hosted by gr.net and the winner receives an award like this: Sig_Awards_01.gif

And, for the Peoples Choice winner:Sig_Awards_ppls_choice_09.gif

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