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Mean Guns


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Mean Guns

(Firefight, Bo-M08 Battlefield, Elite, Navy Seal V2.0 mod)

It started with six of us dropped in the meat grinder. The Seal Team was made up of 2 snipers (Sniper & Spotter), 4 on assault. This was my first time back with my old team of friends. “I had taken up the role of the sniper on this hop. My spotter on this mission was 1stSgt. Arnold a long time friend was to cover my six. Up to this point I hadn’t seen him for about 7 months.

We all had held a briefing on the mission on mIRC32, and planned what was to be expected out of each and everyone as a team. We set up comms on Roger Wilco. My designation on this mission was “God”, cover and support sniper. My spotter was to tail the assault team as a direct close support. On this mission I was equipped with my M-25 suppressed sniper rifle with H&K MP5k PDW.

We started the mission and so far so good as we all had thought. I started with what the plan detailed me to do. I was to head north till I made the road then head east on the road but not to be seen and if made any contact with enemy units to dispatch them quiet so not to give away the teams presence in the area. Made my way to the road and no sign of resistance, and proceeded to head east on the road to the small group of buildings. Getting close to the buildings I made contact. One enemy soldier spotted, with no signs of any others present. “God to 1, made contact, engaging target,” I communicated to the team leader as I fired a round and hit the soldier in the back of the head. “God to 1, no further contacts, proceeding as planned. God, Out!” The response was, “1 to God, roger that, in position waiting for you to get to your spot. I then made my way to my designated sniper hole, however I felt I was to much out in the open and no cover to protect myself. I made my way into one of the outer building and had taken out another enemy soldier quietly and not gave away my location to anyone with in an earshot! That is when the mission went south real fast

“HOLD YOUR FIRE THEY’RE ON OUR SIDE,” came across the comms. “1 to God; 2 and 3 are down, taking friendly fire from 5… HOLD YOUR FIRE THEY’RE ON OUR SIDE!” Comms went dead. 5 happened to be my friend 1stSgt. Arnold. In my horror he had wiped out the whole assault team, and for why? I soon found out.

“ScornDrake, where are you buddy, we can work this out if you come out and show yourself”, Arnold was trying to get me to make the first move.

“Arnold are you nuts? Why? Why kill off the team in a mission? What gives?” I questioned him.

“I’m tired of being second rate to you and the team. I joined another team and if I kill you I will have proven my loyalty to my new team, The Death Raiders. You see you have to die and I will get the credit in taking out my mentor.”

Great, not only am I being hunted buy the enemy, but also from a now former friend on my own team that can find me with the GPS! Boom! A 40mm round exploded in the wall near me, fired from a M203. He was carrying a M-4A1 Sopmod SD w/M203 40 mm grenade launcher. Could have aborted the mission at this point. But this became a matter of honor and vengeance for my fallen comrades. However I know he has now only four left of his 40mm grenades but it only takes one to get close to take me out of the picture.

Boom! Getting closer to me with the rounds! I knew there was about 3 to 4 enemy soldiers in the area close to both Arnold and me. I switched to my MP5k and fired off a random burst to draw attention to us. It had paid off somewhat. “Taking Enemy Fire!” echoed across the comms as the enemy unit of 3 soldiers with 2 using hand grenades was pinning him down. I had one out of twenty chances I could get close enough that I could get off a shot to kill him off fast! Boom! Boom! Boom! The explosions echoed as he took out the 3 soldiers with his remaining 40mm rounds. All I know was I got shot. Not to bad but bad enough to make me limp! I made it into another building long enough to switch to my H&K MP5k. He made one fatal mistake at this point. He followed me into the room but a moment to late as I opened fire :o= on him shredding him on full auto emptying my clip in his dead corps. He soon after left the game in disgrace. I finished the mission wounded and won it for my team of best friends minus the traitor that tried to kill me for his own new team! He got a quick lesson from me that ScornDrake means “Scorned Young Dragon.”

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I have to mention one thing, thankfully he wasn't a member the Seawolves Tactical Assault Team(STAT) wich I am a current member of! He would have been banned for life from the team for actions of treason. This was the first for me of a friend that went rouge on his own friends! I hope it is the last!

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1stSgt Arnold, sure he wasn't Benedict Arnold, or direct ancester of him.


BG ScornDrake, he never had a chance against you! You were after all

the one who trained him on that team. At least he got what he deserved out of his traitorism, a bullet with his name on it via air-express from you!

I will personally remember this story and if I ever meet him or any of his

team I will :o= show them how to fight with honor.

"An honorless dog, deserves nothing but a quick end in this game!"

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Borderline breach of forum rule:

[3.2] Personal attacks : Any posts containing personal or racist attacks will be edited or deleted and the originating account risks banning.

Now you really didn't need to post that, did you.

Please keep it civil.


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