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WOI MP - Frostbite modification

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I just wanted to tell you guys something you've all been missing out on ;)

A while back, Rebar made a modification for Frostbite, using the WOI MP characters. He reskinned several characters, to have some snow camouflage.

This is a great small mod for Frostbite; less than 1 mb!

here's what Rebar himself said about the mod:

This mod sets up German Heer, UK Infantry, US Infantry, US Ranger, and USSR Infantry for snow maps. Other sets will work fine, but without any snow (white) camoflage. The Frostbite campaign is set up for the US set against the German Heer set.

Activate mods in this order:

Desert Storm

Island Thunder

Frostbite 1.3

War of Infamy MP Edition v2.0

War of Infamy MP Frostbite v1.0

If you want to fight a different enemy, activate that WOI_MP opposing force set last. Snow camoflaged German Heer is the default.

The mod is less than 1 MB.

WOI MP Frostbite modification by Rebar (DOWNLOAD)

Well people, try it out!


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I've received a couple of emails regarding permission issues and such with this mod. Rebar does have full permission to use the contents he did. For those not aware, Rebar is a member of the WOI Dev team, was 80% the author of the WOI MP mod (he did the bulk of the compiling) and is in regular communication with the rest of us about his personal mod projects he's working on.

I just wanted to take a moment to clarify this for now and the future.

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