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i agree,solo is the best for me too.its too hard to find good players with good tactics.it just run & gun on the net.i have more enjoyment on single player. :D

That depends which people you play with (or what servers you join).

You probably should try one of the servers listed on the frontpage and go for a COOP game there.

You'll be surprised how much better the game gets when you play COOP with human players and have voice-communication.

Playing solo can't beat that. Ofcourse, it's all a matter of preference.

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I've played on Public Aplha Squad Server for quite some time. COOP with teamspeak, only I didn't have a mic, so I could only listen, np they said, I said I can type fast !

Had a great time there, learned some team-tactics too.

Usually we had team-orders right from the start, and they changed during mission, sometimes a newbie joined (like I was one too :D ) and messed up the whole mission (by shooting with loud weapon while we all had sd, or something).

But it was a very tight group of people (server with password), so most of the time we had really good games.

And sometimes Chavez came in with new missions !

I gotta rejoin them when the AS-mod is on...

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I often play on UBI, but MO is simple, I click on the lobby, usually Ghost Recon and then ignire the lounge, go directly to CREATE ROOM and start up a COOP game....all the people that join the games seem to be mature, mannered types and we have a great time....all the ones that do the run n gun usually leave after I start reducing the respawns...that way, the either use tactics, or spectate while I make my way carefully around the map after their lives are up....

The room is called "Cat's Coop" and there are a few rgulars who join in play, never had to boot any one..if we feel like a mission or team play, we all agree and away we go....people joining always see Cat's Coop and don't like to come an ply their rambo, a-hole tactics and stay away...

Anyone with respect and fun games in mind, is always welcome, in fact, I have yet to use TS and am looking for some folk who do so I can get really immersed in this awesome game....I am an addict

All in all, I only play on UBI because it is easy for me.

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gulf01 - I've played on the gr.net dedi server before, and I reckon you'd be happy with the way people go about playing GR.

Otherwise I'd try playing on ASE (All Seeing Eye). You should find some of the long standing GR clans on there, that should put you in good stead.

Otherwise keep on trying different servers as often as you can until you find one you like. Good luck.

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