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hmmm.....thats a tough one SN. i would pick listening to Hendrix over RHCP any day.....but i like the RHCP one more. :thumbsup:

OK, RHCP it is!

I rekon RHCP is better driving music, while hendrix is better for sittin around at home kinda thing :thumbsup:




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I'm going for favourite singer.... Time for you all to meet Annemie Coenen, Belgium's finest.

Entry> annemie.jpg

Yeah yeah, I know, the sig is a bit plain....

So who is she? She's the lead singer from Ian Van Dahl (infact, the only singer - the other 2 girls are just dancers, the 2 guys are the DJ's). Aswell as looking damn fine, she has an awesome singing voice, and yes, she sings lyrics on techno tracks. I di warn you guys that techno has ALL the super sexy female singers and DJ's!! Rebbeca Paulsen (DJ BeXta), Anne Savage, Lisa Abbot, Jenna Barr, Moira Tateo, Kelly Llorenna, Becky Judge, Melvenia, Natalie Tineo, Lara McAllen and Niki Mak are damn fine....Karen Parry ain't exactly fine, but there we go.... Seriously, you guys don't know what you're missing....


For more info and some rather hot pics of Annemie, Click here

Just check out the pic going down the side on the very left hand side of the gallery section....

Edited by [Wx] .:Nightmare:.
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I updated my entry. I put DJ Amber D in there now. She's like only 2 years older than me!! She lives up in Stoke-on-Trent at the mo', so I'm gonna go up to Stoke-on-Trent next weekend....

Updated entry should appear below....


[EDIT] Got some probs here, appears my webhost is working on their server or something - my FTP clients are taking like 20 minutes to get into the webspace when they normally get right in. Just been on my webhosts main site, won't load up so.... That said, I did upload the updated entry....

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QUOTE (GooseBumps @ Sep 22 2004, 14:24 )

i dunno .. never heard pink floyds music 


(Austin Power^^  )

Anywho.....i highly suggest you go out and pick up one of the CD's 

lol.. thats like the 3rd person now! stop bullyin me lol.. For all you guys i'll check his tracks out ...

@ nightmare, nice 1 matey :thumbsup: stoke-on-trent eh? 30 mins away from me :whistle:

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