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Sig Awards #21

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Theme: Music - Favorite Band/Singer

Reminder, keep the sigs in compliance with forum and contest rules or they will be deleted/disqualified.

Deadline: September 30, 2004, at Midnight GMT

Judges : Judges are anonymous.

Sig Awards Number 21 is up and running !!

*** ***

BTW, remember to post your entries here in this thread, and I will copy them to the official Entries Thread. This will aid Judging and general viewing of the master pieces. :yes:

Good luck to all. :thumbsup:

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hey  :lol: , a coincidence ive already done one.. my entry is my normal sig  :thumbsup:


Are you SURE you want that to be your entry? Might want to make sure it has everything required. :whistle:

EDIT: lol, we were typing at the same time and that was what I was referring to. :P

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Hi, HiLandR! Long time no talk... too long. :angry:

The rules state that if the sig was entered in a previous contest it cannot be entered again. I did not go back and look at what you entered before, but IIRC, this isn't the same one. Similar, though.

Now, if you are asking, if I(we) think it is good enough to win.... :whistle:

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That's freaky. I was thinking you should enter something from the work you were doing for this group. I won't dare ask if it is in keeping with the theme. :whistle::P

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