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Dream Machine Sep 2004


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Ok if you had the biggest budget imaginable and you had access to all the latest parts....

what kind of dream machine pc would you build.

I'm not talking budget pc here. I'm talking the absolute latest parts out there. What parts would you pick and why?

Let us know about your dream configurations.

This isn't just for fun...I want to get an idea how powerful a system one can build.


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Anything with an Athlon FX-53 and a 6800UEE/XT-PE, and the rest of the pieces would fall into place. I believe the 55 is going to be out in a bit. :unsure:

I was surprised why the latest Maximum PC mag didn't pick the Athlon FX for their Dream Machine 2004, but their explanation was that Athlon mobos still don't support PCI Express so will not be upgradable in the near future ...

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Well I guess I`ll try and balance things off a bit here, and I`m gonna go with Intel...:


Intel® Pentium® 4 -570, 3.8-GHz @ 800Mhz w/ 1Mb (Socket 775)


Abit® AG8-3rd eye, Socket 775, Intel®915P Chipset w/ PCI Express x16 (ATX)


Asus® P5AD2-PREMIUM/WLOM, Socket 775, Intel® i925X Chipset w/ PCI Express x16 (ATX)

Vid Card:

Asus® Extreme AX800XT/2DT w/256Mb DDR & PCI-Express


Corsair 1Gb PC/5400 XMS2 DDR2 PRO TwinX 675Mhz Platinum Series (2 x 512Mb) [TWIN2X1024-5400C4PRO]

AS u can see, I like Asus...Quality stuff. Why ATi based vid u might ask? Because from what I red in couple of reviews, ATi`s got native PCI Express, compared to nVidia who has only an emulation (chip). Plus benchmarks clearly show that both ATi and nVidia cards are pretty equal, some benches giving slight edge to ATi...(those I`ve seen...)

This is in no way intended to start a flame war, just my opinion...We all have our favorites :whistle:

Cheers all,

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I think nVidia has been the driving source behind the PCIx step... well, them and Intel. ATi is trying to down play SLI at the moment... they will deeply regret that.

@Snow - You plan on spending the rest of your life in PhotoShop and 3DSM?

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I think nVidia has been the driving source behind the PCIx step... well, them and Intel.  ATi is trying to down play SLI at the moment... they will deeply regret that.

Actually, it's mainly Intel that's been the major driving force behind things like AGP, and now PCI Express. However, they do form working groups with other companies like Nvidia and ATI. Intel's PCI Express initiative beat out the PCI-X initiative that has showed up on Apple hardware but will likely go the way of the dodo ...

Both ATI and Nvidia adopted differing strategies to tranfer over to PCI Express technology. Here's a very simplified explanation of the diff between ATI and Nvidia's approaches as I understand it:

Nvidia developed a "bridge chip" which they believe is more flexible and will save money: they can make all their board designs the same, and use the chip to turn the board into either an AGP 8x or PCI Express card.

ATI has gone with the more labor intensive process of making two designs of a board supporting the same graphics chip, so that way their PCI Express boards have native support for PCI Express, and AGP boards have native support for AGP.

Some say ATI's implementation should be faster if you have a PCI Express mobo, but to be honest, there is unlikely any game to be released in the next 1-2 years that will take full advantage of the PCI Express bandwidth.

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Excellent stuff people.

But I must note that I too was surprised at MaximumPC's choice for their latest dream machine.

They picked the Asus P5AD2 Platinum LGA755 motherboard. It supports DDR2 pc4200 memory running at 533mhz. They put 1 gig of that memory in there. Along with a P4 3.6prescott overclocked to 4 ghz.

Their opinion was that since athlon 64's have the memory controller embedded into the cpu a user would not be able to take advantage of DDR2 memory. You would have to buy a new cpu and motherboard.

Now I don't get that.

Would anybody care to debate about that? Benchmarks have socket 939 amd systems beating the LGA775 systems running DDR2.

Am I correct? Is MaximumPC going retarded?

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Stuff that! Give me something with Dual Xeon processors and a nice beefy Nvidia Quadro FX3000G card :devil:

That sounds nice Snow. My friend's brother just spent $5000 on a machine to render 3d animations with. My friend, his brother, and several other people (perhaps someday myself) have a little company that do small advertisements for local companies. Jordy told me that the machine renders 37% faster then a dual Xeon, I was impressed.

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I even got pics of the keyboard and mouse with blue LED stuff for those of you who don't believe me.
I believe you.

I just don't care.

And Stalker, no budget at all with this dream machine? Are you a government employee? :D

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