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Richard Burns Rally


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Finally broke down and bought it ($12.99 on Amazon). Still getting the hang of it. Haven't tried any mods yet. Of course I had it installed for all of three 3 days when my ancient Thrustmaster wheel decided to go belly up. Still haven't been able to complete the final advanced training time qualification. Cpl, I'm looking at the logitech momo. Is it worth $80?


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Cool video and totally related since R Burns teaches us how to that turn in game. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it but nice to how it's done in real life.

Has anyone managed to pass the final time test in the advanced course? If not, what's your best time?

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...k, getting frustrating that I'm not shaving any time off my laps.

I still haven't customized my settings---I have no clue how to adjust springs and struts...

anyone have a walkthru on customizing your ride or anyone willing to share a profile?


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No problem.

Its still a keeper as so far nothing is touching the physics on this SIM :o=

Bobs track builder is still in progress and although only 1 track has been created, once bobs trak builder has been developed further (and is still) soon custom made tracks will be available. Couple that with continuing new cars with matching physics and setups, plus plenty of skins and very good sound mods, im not uninstalling it for a long while.

EDIT : Ive only just spotted your link to this in the MCrae Dirt thread ... yes, its going to be great soon!

I cant wait for some more dense UK woodland stages, with some nice overgrowth and High tree line overgowing areas ... nice intense rallying.

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I wasn't too happy with the CM Dirt demo, the steering was too sharp as i was using keyboard only.

i prefer something like keyboard and mouse, like Live For Speed :wubb:.

How are the controls on RBR?... This game looks more tempting than CM Dirt.

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