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NASCAR Racing Series and GR.net Racing League


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I am in the midst of painting a new car for N2k3. I tried the paint job from N2k2 and came up short in the nose. The templates are totally different in the front end. If you want to race with custom paint, you need a new paint job.

Also last years set ups wont work, so we have to work on them really good.

BTW I tested at CC and hit 237 with the default fast setup.

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LMAO now I've heard it all!!

Reputation, I've seen your website and pics of you, LMAO what kind of reputation are you yakking about. :P

So I gather that we will be making the switch to 2k3 soon? I'll let Believer know that there will be no race this weekend due to painting ROTFLMAO, still can't believe you used that as a excuse. ;)

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