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Emotional Picture of Russian School Siege


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yes what silent night posted is true the Russains are preparing to destroy every knowen terroirst base no matter what the cost

no, they arent going to do it , they are saying they can, its called a threat. The US did the same thing after Septmeber 11. If Putin just started firing missiles off all over the place, the diplomatic anger would kill him.

I just found something i noticed the other day on the BBC website , a phase by phase summary of the situation.

Its split into these headings:

Stand Off







Id recommend having a look at it, it lays out the sequence of events nicely.

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We did kick ass after sept 11 though didnt we so he may do like wise.

The Russians aren't going to run in with guns blazing. It'll take a little while before anything happens. The last time they went into Chechnya the only thing they got back was body bags. Putin'll do something, but I doubt it will be full out war.

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This event revealed the problems faced by Russia in this war on terror.

The lack of co-ordination and comunication among security groups - special forces, army, police. Poor control of the scene. Lack of decisive leadership and decision making at the top.

Then there is the problem of corruption, pervasive corruption where practically anyone, border guards, police, construction workers can be bought and the enemy have lots of money to throw around.

I don't think Putin knows what to do or what his next move will be, beyond deflecting criticism away from himself and onto anyone else.

He has a legitimate complaint about Bush administration officials who have met with Chechens, and have rebuffed Russian protests. Russia is a more valuable ally than Chechnya. The shoe would be on the other foot if Putin invited Bin Laden to Moscow to discuss his grievances against the west. These extremists in Chechnya fought in the Balkans and are allied with the 911 murderers.

The Chechens do not know what "total war" is, but, they may in the future.

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