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Emotional Picture of Russian School Siege


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What on earth is goin on out there? I just heard that 13 of the rebels have actually escaped from the school in a hail of fire and are now trying to evade the russian special forces. Only after that did the russians actually storm the school.

How on earth any rebel managed to get 5 metres from the school never mind leave the area in one piece is a mystery right now.

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Well what happened is the Russians managed to blow a hole in the gym, where the hostages were, and freed the hostages. Its believed some of the terrorits blew their bomb belts, cos the gym roof has collapsed. 5 Terrorists were killed in the raid, and some have managed to bail into the town. The troops plus some mighty p'ed of local vigilantes are hunting for the escapees, who have reportadly brought hostages with them. The russians have surrouned some houses thought to contain the terrorists.

I rekon this sends a strong message to terrorists though. It goes to show that the russians arent gunna take any crap from anyone nowadays. Many hostages are wounded, but alot more could be dead if the terrorists had flipped out, and blown themselves up in the middle of the gym.

Off Topic, but in 2 days its the anniversary of "one day in september" The munich olympics of 1972...

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This is only what I heard on several stations, after it happend so it could be wrong or mis-stated.

Supposedly the terrorists were going to let medical workers take some of the injured and dead but when they got close with the ambulance, bombs went off? roof caved in? and children started to run? and some of the terrorists started to flee using the kids as shields. Alpha then engaged them when fired upon?

Dunno really, they were talking about this stuff but cut away and are just talking about the RNC stuff from last night.

+250 wounded

+100? dead

+4-7 terrorists killed?

+xx escaped?

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The news is indeed very confusing.

Latest i heard is that the terrorists set an explosion themself by accident, from that moment the forces strom in.

There was an 1 hour (!) firefight where some terrorist manages to escape in to town.

Deathcount is still unknown. The news is very discreet on the recent situation in the schools gymnasium.

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Sky News said some hostages had tried to escape so one of the terrorists detonated a bomb causing the roof of the gym to collapse. Russian Forces then blew up the side of the Gym and began to rescue the hostages. 5/6 terrorists were killed and 13/14 escaped in Civilian clothes blending in with the Hostages.

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1345: Interfax reports that more than 100 bodies have been found in the school gym.

1330: Russian security services say their assault on the school had not been planned.



Russian forces remain on high alert around the school as reports say some of the hostage-takers may have escaped and hidden in nearby homes.

Give em hell boys, give em hell... :o=

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The whole situation is very confusing and appears chaotic, even by Russian standards, i get the feeling that Chechnya is in for a bit of retaliation after this is all dealt with.

The scenes of the children running around with no idea of where they were going are very upsetting, god knows what they will find inside... :(

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If the reports are true and it seems likely, that there were 1000+ hostages then it wouldve been total chaos, and very easy for the terrorists to escape, theyre the same ethnic origin as the hostages for the most part.

Also apparently the Russians had trouble getting troops and equipment up there because of the remoteness of the region and they had to let local millitas help them corden off the area. I think the Russians did the right thing, the terrorists were never going to negotiate, its the same kinda situation as the Israelies/Palestiniens, and the Russian idea of success varies from western ideas. So the 100 dead hostages wouldve been acceptable if there were 1500 hostages.

Personally i think the russians were to blame for the roof falling in, the building looked structurally weak and the use of explosives to blow a whole in the wall probably caused the roof to give way.

Im sure if it was in Britain then the SAS wouldve gone in at night with silienced MP5's and there wouldve been fewer casualties but it seems the russians had intel that the terrorists were going to kill everyone and so had to move quickly...

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"My cameraman did manage to get through the door just for a few moments with his camera and he tells me in his estimation there are as many as 100 dead bodies, I'm afraid, lying on the smouldering floor of the gymnasium where we know a large number of the hostages were being held." -- Julian Manyon of ITV news

As quickly as Russian forces can pick around inside those school grounds they are they are bringing bodies out with them. We saw two wounded soldiers and one soldier who appeared to be dead carried out on stretchers," -- CNN Correspondent at the scene, Ryan Chilcote

"You know, there aren't 350 people in there, but 1,500 in all. People are lying one on top of another." -- Freed hostage Zalina Dzandarova to Kommersant daily

"Are you crazy? There are 1,020 people in there!" -- freed hostage Adel Itskayeva to Gazeta

People are lying on the floor next to one another. The terrorists separated us. Those, who did not feel very good, were placed in locker rooms. They made male hostages break the windows, because it was too stuffy in the gym." -- Freed hostage Zalina Dzandarova to Kommersant daily

According to Pravda, Dzandzzarova said that there were a lot of wounded people during the first minutes of the terrorist attack. The militants shot those, who could not walk inside the building or remained lying on the ground of the school yard.

Dzandzarova also said that two suicide bombers had killed themselves on Wednesday - they exploded themselves in the corridor, where male hostages were being kept.

"Then the fighters would fire in the air to restore quiet. In the morning they told us that they would not give us anything more to drink because the authorities were not ready to negotiate. When children went to the toilet, some tried to drink from the tap. The fighters stopped these attempts straight away" -- Unidentified freed woman hostage to Izvestia daily


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I rekon this was the only way to do it.

If the terrorits did blow a bomb belt, the russians had to act in the chaos.

They popped the hole in the wall, and covered the people as they ran.

Something had to be done. The reason they are all naked is cos the conditions inside the gym were awful. Hot, humid, no water.

The russians have made a stand. They have shown the terrorists that their methods are flawed. The troops will make them pay.

God help chechnya if they ever chuck a formal declaration of war athe the russians.

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Well what happened is the Russians managed to blow a hole in the gym, where the hostages were, and freed the hostages. Its believed some of the terrorits blew their bomb belts, cos the gym roof has collapsed.

According to the latest info that is not what happened, obviously things are confusing right now, but as far as I can gather, the Russians did not blow a hole in the gym and there was never any intention to storm the building at that stage. The Russians don't have a good history of rescues and were under instructions to wait it out.

There was an agreement to release some hostages, so an ambulance drew up outside, at that moment there was an explosion and the hostages made a break for freedom, the rebels then opened fire on them from above.

There was no rescue attempt, the area wasn't even cordoned off, and there wasn't even enough ambulances on the scene for a faction of the casualties.

The above is summerised from the BBC news service.

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MSN is reporting that there were 20 militants killed, a number which includes 10 Arabs. Three of the militants are still baracaded in the basement with hostages and have exchanged gunfire with security forces. It think that this takes the top spot for chicken #### in the world right now. What kind of coward specifically targets children? I hope that the locals do catch up with these guys and put them to a slow, painful death. My favorite would be drawing and quartering in the public square.


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The Russians don't really take prisoners in these sort of operations I think.. Remember the theater siege? If I recall correctly, as the terrorists were knocked out by the gas pumped into the theater - the Russians went to all the terrorists and shot them as they sat knocked out...

I say - no prisoners in this situation either.. It's one thing to engage a soldier and fight like an army, it's totally different to deliberately target civilians - especially children......

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I dont mean to sound harsh, but killing children is a good tactic for the terrorists to use, it shocks us, we have limits and they dont. Its not army vs army nowadays, we're on a different level.

Theres a saying that a terrorists best weapon is terror, and thats what they caused.

That said, i dont think terrorists should be given the chance to surrender and they should all be killed pronto. :wall:

Russia cant beat chechnya unless they nuke it, they keep sending conscript troops in and they come back in bodybags, tbh i fear more for the russians if they go to all out war again, theyve already lost 1 war.

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I doubt ther'd be many (any..) SF units that would have been eager to run a Special Recovery on that one.

And I can't tell you how :angry: I am at these groups that would deliberatly target kids. Indeed I can see from reactions here thats a common thread.

I seriously doubt those responsible have won any friends in the Western World for those actions. And I don't see how it'd do them much good as well.

Yeah if the recent weeks are anything to go by Jet Liners down, a suicide Bombing in Moscow and this now....... Dagetsan, Checnya are about to have an unpleasant experience...

@ Baby Dave does have one point they have no morals... the execution of those Nepalese workers in Iraq was just sickening. The only thing they deserve is a quick SS109 through the skull....IMHO

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