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Hurricane Frances


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oh well im sleep threw the whole thing in a hurricane proof buildingĀ  :rocky:

Doubt that. ;)

Anyways, hopefully it dies down and doesnt destroy too much... take your puter and put it in your car. :lol:

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We got hit with France's remnants today (in the Mountains of Western North Carolina).

We're probably going to miss school tomorrow on account of flooding. It's been bad, raining all day non-stop and predicted to do the same tomorrow. With all the creeks, rivers and streams around here, that's real bad.

However, seeing what Franny did to Florida makes me glad I don't live there any more. Usually when Hurricanes came by we, in Jacksonville, caught like the arms of it, never the whole thing... but Frances is HUGE!

I hope those in Florida are fairing well... because Ivan is on his way...

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Sorry to bring up an old(ish) topic, but the flooding from Frances has kept me from getting online.

The devastation here is tragic. Hundereds have lost all they own. I have some pics I hope to scan in, but who knows. Some local towns (like a few miles off) got hit real bad. I was there as the flooding peaked (at about 11 er so feet, maybe more). I helped a buddy clean out his house, and it had a water line of about three feet up and mud an inch thick everywhere. We showed up and one guy lost it on some other guys in fear of looting. Sure enough, the water hadn't been receeded for more than 20 mins and people were looting.

The school's server and ISP were flooded out, which is why I haven't been able to post on this earlier. The alternative High School in the county had it's entire first floor flooded out. Everything is trashed, and it may be months before they get back in.

The local paper plant had watre as high as 15 feet in it. I'm staying with some family friends while our house is waiting to be built, and the woman's husband is a lead engineer in the plant. He said there were vegetables from farms everywhere. It had floated in and ended up there.

The biggest problem is that almost the entire western third of the state had sewage backup into the watre supply. Some places are still under a Boil Order for the next few days.

Just thought I'd let you guys know what's been happening here in the Great Smokies of North Carolina.

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After Frances, looting was so bad in Palm Beach County, that the National Guard was called out and an 8PM curfue was put into place. If were were on the street, you went to jail, period.

For several days there was a cerfue of 7PM until 2PM the next day. It was bad... but I think that was so that way FEMA and HAZMAT could work.

@Prozac, I don't have to worry... I don't have a house to flood, lmao. It still hasn't been built yet. Was supposed to go in today, but I don't think it has (otherwise I'd be watching it happen, not at school ;) ).

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Oh, to get a pet peeve off my chest.... this year the hurricanes are GUY names, so therefore, Frances, was a "he" not a "she" as many people were referring to him as. There were even jokes going around about the fury of women, etc. :angry:

All better now, thanks for listening. :D

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