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"Recon" changes


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One of my beefs with the engagement settings is that when ever you put the AI on recon they run and hide omr the bad guys... What do you guys think of a 4th option, a modified recon that kept AI from firing but didnt send them running for mommy....

This way we have

Assault (shoot what you can see)

Supress (shoot at what you THINK you see)

Recon1 (run and hide as best you can)

Recon2 (new option, stay still but keep enemy in visual)

Here is my beef, i was on the 2nd GR mission on the farm and I was assaulting the bard fomr the river bed... I have A team against the fence and wanted them to senak around towards the rear to take out the rear guard, meanwhile B squad was covering the river bed and i was controlling C squad front left on the front guard...

Plan was to wait till the rear gaurd walked into the kill zone, lob a grenad fomr c squad (me) hopwfully killing all front guard, rear guard would be distracted enough that a quick tap of the #9 key sets A squad blasting the rear guard and in 5 seconds 9 men are down...

I wanna basically be able to sneak up then stay put, even if i put them on hold they move for cover sometimes and then cannot see the enemy...

Well ###### A squad kept running and hiding once they acheived their position, "ebnemy sited" and they tun and run away... arrrgh just syat quiet till i tell you morons.....

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Recon is a mistery for me too. Sometimes my teams on recon shoot and kill from a distance and other times they just hide and keep quiet untill the tangos practically walk over my guys and shot them. :huh:

exactly... how do you control them better... cause sometimes they will shoot guys from afar just cause they are in the open and are afraid of being seen (Iguess() and other times they sit untill the bad guys are literally filling up the screen....

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Hmmm, can't say Ive seen the AI shoot for no reason while on Recon. Seems to me they only shoot when they know they have been spotted. I like it when they hide, the recon order (to me) is about being sneaky, and if the AI has to hide in a bush to avoid being spotted, then rock on.

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When setting waypoints,

At all costs

Advance at all costs

No fear

cuases them to run like idiots through their waypoints and get shot

Advance they hold (when shot at or enemy in sight) and kill near enemies and wait for your advance order

Hold: They run for cover and engage from there

Recon: They tiptoe and when an enemy is far and/or engages them they open fire. When an enemy has buddies they run for cover. When they have cover, they run for cover and not engage.

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If you havent set a way point and put at all cost on, they hold really well in postion. What I do say when Im setting my squad up to defend, namely mission 3 from GR where you have to protect the NATO HQ, I get 2 teams at either end of the bridge and a team in the middle, I get them in postion then I press recon, they all go down prone, then I press suppress, and then at all cost, and they hold that postion and stay prone as long as needed, and man is it a bad ass ambush. Ya know I mite even go play that now.....

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LOL!! I just got off playing and was just checking the forum.

I have particular problems with mission 3 because even when all my teams are on SUPRESS + ADVANCE, mode the flank teams tend to hide from the second wave of tangos. Not an hour ago I lost my best specialist and one trooper (team A) to one lousy tango who practicaly walked over them before hosing them both with his Kalashnikov. <_<

I reloaded to see what was the situation before their deaths an found they were both hiding behind a bush and the tango killed them coming from the front! :o=

That happens to me all too often. Thanks for the advice Chems. I'll give it a try. :thumbsup:

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