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I like mine. Been using it now for about a month and a half. :) It beats the pants of any other free account thats for sure. My only gripe is that Opera isn't compatible with it... yet.

Just need to find a way to fill 1GB of space! :lol:

Thanks KP!

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Been using it for 2 months now already have 60 mbs of emails mainly big files of modeling pictures / programs . Its pretty usefull for modders i think since you can send 10 mbs a file

BTW i have 2 accounts i can give away if anyone wants em

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Ive had mine for about a month now, its quite the 1337.

So far ive only gotten 1 invite to give away, which i did.

Just a question for the guys who have accounts: Have you gotten any random spammy junk emails yet (i dont mean crap youve signed up for)?

I havnt got one, and am mighty impressed! This is something hotmail/MSN could only dream of achieving!

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If you have just got it, you will have to wait a week or so in order to give out invites. When you can there will be a "You have X invites" in red under the left hand menu,

yep i just looked under the FAQ. Also, my friend who has gmail is away right now, but he logs into msn with his g-mail account? how do i do that?

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