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Who deserves the medals?


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Actually, who deserves the medals in Ghost Recon...?

I have played "M06 - Castle" several times, and still cannot understand GR's method for awarding medals to soldiers after combat. Almost every mission, my lead soldier racks up 20+ kills, but only receives the Bronze Star. I thought that if you had 20+ kills and took enemy fire, a Silver Star was awarded.

Even when he gets 29 kills, enough to conceivably get a Distinguished Service Cross, he still only gets a Bronze Star. And keep in mind these are without cheats, and at times with lots of close-quarters combat or a Purple Heart too... I just don't get it.

But just now, I went through the entire mission with one man, leaving the rest in the safety of the drop zone. The rifleman got 34 enemy kills. The other rifleman in his squad was KIA when they both took fire mid-way through the mission. The lead soldier was not hit, but there were definitely some close calls. By all accounts he should have gotten the Medal of Honor...

But he only got the Bronze Star. I swear. Have a screenshot to prove it.

162 shots.

32 hits.

Hit 19.8%.

34 kills.

Decorations: Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star.

So what coding in the game prevents it from giving me higher than a Bronze Star in this case? In the past, I've gotten Silver Stars, and even one DSC. But never the Medal of Honor (without cheats). Why wasn't I given it on this mission?

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jmcdonald: Yeah, I think he killed about 10 with 3 of his M203 rounds, and most of his other hits were head shots on semi (not burst).

Crimson: I read that a couple of times, both a while ago, but still fail to understand the game mechanics behind it. Is it something like "If the soldier is shot at with fewer than 20 rounds by the enemy, he cannot receive an award higher than the Bronze Star"...? Has anyone tested this out thoroughly or asked the dev team? Just curious.

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All this info is for the xbox version so I am not sure about the differences with this and the PC versions.

With higher powered weapons, especially sniper rifles at closer distances the bullets can pass through one enemy and take out another behind them but for some reason it will only count as one hit. So even without grenades you can get a higher kill than hit rate.

As to the medals, I am not 100% sure, but it seems i usually get the medals according to the published list of kills to receive them. Every once in a while though i will get all 45 kills for a level (playing with just one soldier) and get a lower rated medal. I have not tracked the differences of what may have occurred so it would be interesting to try and uncover what is going on here or if it is just a fluke...

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I found the same thing with the awarding of medals. I believe I know what the problem is. Are you loading from a saved game or completeing the mission from start to finish without saving/loading? I found that medals were awarded based on the kill count from the last load and not the total kill count, similar to how replays can be viewed from the last load only and not from the beginning of (if loaded part way though) the mission.

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Having played this game a freakin ton, especially with custom missions with crap loads of enemies, here is what I have seen.

The kill parameters for the medals are accurate (30+ for MOH, etc). HOWEVER, how much enemy fire went your way? If you went around sniping people, or wasting them with a silent weapon and they did not return much fire towards you, you might not have recieved the Y amount of incoming fire for the Medal of Honor.

so medal = X kills AND Y incoming shots fired

Let's say you have 36 kills and what the game considers a Silver star amount of incoming shots fired at you, guess what medal you get?

The Silver Star.

Got it?

By the way, the number of people you bring along with you does not affect the medals you can get, except the obvious being they "steal" kills and enemy return fire.

PS Try hitting Enter on the numpad and typing "superman" or "teamsuperman" These codes make you invincible (ESC exits the console) and run around with one soldier killing everybody at close range, you should recieve tons of fire... and a MOH.

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Oh yeah, I wish the game awarded unit citations, being that in real life and in the game the army is a team. I know in my super extended custom campaign (I made a little mod for myself that links the origional campaigns and many user made missions that aren't total conversions, result, super long campaign, my boys have enormous amounts of medals, etc) my boys (and girls) definaly have earned a few Presidential Unit Citations.

PS, did you know that 5th SFG, the unit the Ghosts are based upon was the most decorated unit in Vietnam, with quite a few Medals of Honor, and Presidential Unit Citations.

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