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Hi Guys!

I am Chems real world best mate and a quick message to say (as Rocky will backup), Chems hard disk failed after he ran a "registry cleaner" as recommended by an "unnamed" source on this forum! He brought it round mine last night but unfortunatley, the read write sectors that are needed by Windows, DOS and every other recover program to identify and copy data have been damaged permantley!

He is therefore out of action for a while but will be back asap! if ya see him on and off, hes using his laptop which no doubt wil break soon too

Chems says he is sorry and that he will be back soon! he is unsure how many of his mods which may now be defunct! :o=

if ya read this chems - see ya soon bruv!!

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Tis a sad day, but but, it seems the ever genius Nojam did not put my read write pin for my HD in slave mod which is why it didnt work last nite, so tonight we go for take 2 and get all the mods on CD. phewy I thought I was screwed, but then again I can get Evesham to come out for £117 an hour and do the recover. Snooty guy on the phone this time, I was like pah :P

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Whew! Sounds like a close call! I know what it's like to loose years of work in an HD 'poof' incident.

If you pour a lot of love and effort into work produced on a PC you can't hear this message enough: "Back up your work!"...

I would wish the total sense of loss I've experienced on no one -- it's awful...


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