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I hope Dugite wont mind if I let people know that Im currently 'tweaking' his Hind Model, for my Op:Dark Star Mod. :D

Im currently working on three variants : Troop carrying (as GR BlackHawk), 'Attack' (non-troop carrying but is fully armed) and a 'Ground' version for use in scripting missions etc. :thumbsup:

The major work has already been done and I will send the Models back to Dugite for final approval soon :yes:

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@jay316 : Yes m8, the chin turret on the Hind 'Attack' version works VERY well :yes: (as does the 'troop' version :devil: ) Will proably do a A-T hunter version as well (having problems with two different weapons on same Model)

@Dugite : Thanx m8 for the "talk up" - and for letting me tinker with your model m8. At the mo Im still using a "low" texture on it, but will try a "high" tex on it soon - at moment it doesnt make that much difference as most people are gonna run and hide when it comes into view :devil:

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