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leadtek 6800 gt the good,bad,and ugly

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I used omniextremeedit to just edit my original bios to 1.4v in 3d mode. I wouldn't suggest you flash your bios to the ultra edition version of your card because I've heard lots of problems may come about.

download all these:

OmniExtremeEdit FX v1.5

nvflash 4.42

and get nvflash 5.08 also

make a boot disk from windows. I think if you right click on the a: drive choose format and make boot disk

put nvflash 4.42 and 5.08 on disk, make em in separate folders.

reboot with disk - go into 4.42 folder and type: nvflash -b "backup".rom <---whatever you want to call it.

go back into windows, use omniextremeedit v1.5 and open the original bios file, you can edit your bios from this program, can change the volts to 1.4 or 1.5 in 3d mode. You can also set your clock speeds but I didn't. After you change the volts then save it as another .rom file onto your disk.

Reboot and using nvflash 4.42 type: nvflash -p -u -f "biosfile".rom

(biosfile being whatever you named your modded bios file)

ctrl+alt+delete - don't use the reset button

reboot back into dos and then use nvflash 5.08 and type: nvflash "biosfile".rom

reboot and you're done.

I read that flashing the card twice is needed to override a possible pci-id mismatch and to update the secondary ID of the card. I really saw no need to flash it twice but I did it anyways. I saw a couple errors using the -p -u -f and really don't know what they do. I saw one site saying you need to flash it using -p -u -2. I'm not sure but I think you can get away with just using the nvflash 5.08 and just doing a straight nvflash without the separators because second time I flashed it went through fine.

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RAM means nothing if it cannot take advantage of it. A vanilla 6800 is better than a 9800XT yet the XT has 128MB more RAM... a 6800GT is better than an FX 5950 yet the 5950 has faster clocks. Also, the 5500 only has a 128-bit bus, meaning it's slower than the newer cards that have 256-bit buses.

This is a great card for its price to performance ratio... although for $25 more you can a 5900XT which is better.

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I could not afford a 6800 so I went with the 9800 128 pro ati (over my nvidia 5600 ultra)and then went from a 2.4 pentium to a 3200 64bit AMD. I ended up having to get a new case. I also stuck with KT8neo MSI motherboard because those nforce chipsets would only benefit me if I had a nvidia card.

(I have always used NVIDIA but this ATI was on sale for dirt cheap and I must save my $$$ ;):rocky:

I already had a gig of 2700 ddr ram and while I am sure it would be 20% faster to buy a gig of corsair 3200 xms ram, I do not think I will see a $250 dollars difference in performance. ( I hope I have not booted the new beast yet)

Especially since I will be broke for a while for just what I have already put into this new rig.

All of you guys with the with the 6800 ultras and 3500 AMD processors will see better graphics now doubt but I am willing to bet that this rig will play any game just fine. :thumbsup:

bottom line is it always comes down to what you can afford to what you can not.

There is no way I am paying $450 dollars for a video card that in a year and a half will be $200 dollars and yesterday's news. but if I had the extra cash hmmm....

I might then :whistle:

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The 9800 Pro is a great step up from the 5600U, as is the A64 from the P2.4. Glad you like the new system.

Oh, and you can get good overclocking RAM, 1 gigs worth, online for under $170. ;)

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