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Mod Priorities

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These questions may have been dealt with.

But what is MOD priorities? And the second is: When I download all these extra maps and equipment mods what are the priorites? Do they all just overlap each other?

The reason I ask is that I downloaded the Civil War campaign mod but I get 1860's soldiers with year 2004 weapons. :wacko:

I fixed it by just allowing the Desert Siege and Island Thunder and Civil War mods being activated.

So is that what I need to do for all the mods I download? Just have one mod activated at a time?

Any help would be great!! Thanks fellow Ghosts!


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Its usually a good idea to run only what's required in the readme that accompanies a mod to avoid glitches like this.

Map mods generally don't add anything but a map which means its usually ok to run them with anything.

Mission mods may use custom kits and certain items but should also run with pretty much anything.

Total conversion mods should be run by themselves unless they require DS and/or IT.

The mod at the bottom of the list has the highest priority in the game.

It's generally not a good idea to run more than one weapon mod at the same time.

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In general you can work around any clashes, but it can need pretty extensive renaming of files and the references to them, if the problems extend to RSBs then you'll also need to reskin the affected characters/objects post rename. In the end it all depends how much you want the mods to work together and how happy you are with tweaking stuff.

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