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VBS Screenies

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Lol, i see that your VBS instructor interface has elapsed as well mate, are we supposed to sort that out or is it going to be done at some point in the future ?

Ahem :devil:

Expired :ph34r:

BTW HF Expect to finally see some of ur Screenies up here mate :whistle:

Great, I am looking forward to it. Especially now that a certain Wizard adjusted my settings in VBS so it looks incredible. Thanks Mr Wizard..... ;)

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From tonights outing

Sometime the AI just wont listen



Zebb takes out some bad guys at the Railway Lines


Move it mate the 12:30's due along any minute


What is lost in translation here is that Pave dared me and Zebb to shoot up his hummer as he tried to drive over us. Why he stepped out just as Zebb went to shoot out the rear window I'll never know.


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