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Ghost ######


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Was digging around for something different and saw Ghost ###### (Forum edited that word) sounds a bit dumb but so was the chicken launcher and I just about wet myself when I saw that one. :rofl:

Sounds a little tasteless, probably why link is down, but funny all the same.

I was wondering if anyone else has a copy I can get somehow.

Appreciate any help,



Moderator Edit: If the forum edited the word, we don't want it printed here. IIRC, this mod is not supported by GR.net so you won't find a d/l link here.

Edited by zjj
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You mean this mod found in the downloads section of Ghost Recon.net?

Ghost ######

A Total Conversion Mod by James and Scott

Requires Ghost Recon

Added on 1/12/2002

Weighs 37700 kilobytes

3932 clicks

All main elements of the game were changed including sounds, splash screens, and textures. This mod is only a joke - dont be offended.

Main Download

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