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CROATIAN MOD V1.0 by Streinger


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Author: Streinger

Contributors: Black Sabbath, Stealth-Mods Team

Type of Mod: Equipment Mod


Filesize: 23,8 MB


It was late 2002 when Streinger, a Croatian guy, who served as part of the military force during a real war (see his interview here), released his Croatian Mod to the community.

If you are tired to play as the usual Americans, playing as Croatian is a good opportunity to give new life to Ghost Recon


All new uniforms for regular and specialist characters for Ghost Recon.

New MP only characters

29 new weapons

New kits

Splash screens and 3 new missions


The uniforms of the regulars and specialists of the Croatian Army are perfect. Moreover, since in this mod you can play 3 quick missions set during the Croatia-Serbia war also the enemies wear the proper uniforms. The fact that the modder is Croatian doesn�t mean that he prefered to detail his contingent uniforms better than the enemies ones.

The only issue is that even if the mod is perfectly compatible with Desert Siege and Island Thunder there are no dedicated uniforms. This means that when you play DS or IT missions you will wear the same Croatian uniforms and that specialists you might unlock, will have their standard uniforms.




Streinger is one of the best modder of weapons and his last contribution at Operation Stabilise was his greatest project. But also the models in this old mod are very good, with all the very minor details covered and suitable sounds.


3 missions to be played as quick mission are present. Missions are inspired by the recent war fought between Serbia and Croatia.

What�s missing?

As stated in the readme file originally this mod was conceived as a total conversion mod with a whole 12 missions campaign. However private stuffs brought the mod to be reduced. This doesn�t mean it�s not enough good or that the quality is not as expected. Also an announced Desert Pack was never released till now even if Croatian Soldiers are involved in several peacekeeping missions abroad


One of best equipments mods available for GR that gives the opportunity to wear the uniforms of one of most young country in the world. Streinger is very proud to be Croatian and the quality of his mod is a good evidence of it.

Overall score >> 8.5/10

Magazine review

The mod has been reviewed by one of the most popular Croatian PC gaming magazine, "Hacker", giving a very good rating of 85/100. Image here..


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Ahhhhh...memories... :D

Still, I believe, in all fairness, Gwex has been overly generous with his rating of the mod.

Weapons are my early work and can hardly compare with what I can do now. On a scale 1-10, I'd rate them 6, tops. (more like 5)

Skins are a bit better, so 6-7, and that's a strech.

But it was my first step into GR modding and it's nice to see it's still alive and kicking...

And yes, Mission:Afghanistan will be a sort of a sequel to Croatian Army mod, taking place in desert environment, so in a way I'll keep my promise to make a desert Cro Army conversion.

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Still, I believe, in all fairness, Gwex has been overly generous with his rating of the mod.

Ok I have to admit that maybe my friendship with Streinger could have influnced the rating. Maybe a more realistic one could be 7,5 - 8 but also the Hacker magazine rated it 8,5.

And also at the Olympic Games the judges are influenced by esternal factors :P

PS: read also Streinger Interview at http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/streinger.htm

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