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ADF SASR Defenders by Chems


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ADF SASR Defenders by Chems

Author: Chems

Author's E-Mail: jmcar2002@hotmail.com


Filesize: 5,83 MB

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Reviewed by STALKER


After the first vehicle pack (Littlebirds Mod), the ADF SASR Defenders is the second vehicle mod released by Chems for the Mission Scripting Community. It features 3 versions of the Defender 6x6 (each version comes in woodland and desert camo) and one 4x4 version of the defender, the Defender 90.

The 6x6 Defender

All in all there are 3 versions of the 6x6 defender and each version comes with woodland and desert camo.

  • Defender 6x6 with 50.cal
  • Defender 6x6 with MK19 Auto GL
  • Defender 6x6 insertion version

I think those vehicle models are the best I've ever seen for Ghost Recon. Many little details like an AT weapon mounted on the side of the Defender, the M249 SAW mounted near the driver's seat or the little shovel on the bonnet. The gunner body textures are from AUS_Viper's Operation Stabilise (woodland)/Operation Falconer (desert).

The insertion version has no working guns mounted, the only difference between this and the other 2 versions is that half of the back part is covered.

The 4x4 Defender 90

The Defender 90 is the short version of the Defender 6x6. It has got four wheels and the whole back part is covered. There are no guns mounted on it.

Known Bugs

The only known bug is that the AutoGL on the 6x6 Defender doesn't work when you are close to the Defender, it will destroy itself. The GL only makes its job on far ranges.


If you look for some of the best vehicle models ever made for GR or trying to find some innovative vehicles for your missions you have to download this mod. It's worth it.

Overall Score for ADF SASR Defenders > 9/10

Fan Feedback

"You outdone yourself again. Outstanding model.....the aussies will be proud of you." Sgt. Crocodile

"To sum it up in one word: Amazing!!" blistr

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