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raw recruit needs help

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private parts reporting for duty,sir.

hello to all members of the GR forums. i was wondering whether you could help me. i usually play FPS games but wanted something a little different. now anyone can usally point and click to shoot an enemy but GR is a little new to me. i've played Line of Site and games like that but all this map stuff and being in charge of other teams is taking some getting used to. for instance are the little red diamond shapes on the map where the enemy is situated. what i'm trying to ask is this, is there anywhere i can look to see how things are done. i'm so thick you see. i've done the training but where does it prepare you for map reading and the like. i'm even playing it in greenhorn mode, or whatever it is and i'm still not even getting past the first gunman. any help you can give to a sad old fart would be most appreciated.

thanks in advance

mikey b

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Basically you need to see the enemy before they see you.

Imagine you are behind enemy lines in real life, would you go running about looking for the enemy ? No you would carefully sneak about taking cover and scouting the terrain.

Take your time and use your sniper zoom or binoculars ( press L ). The enemy are all over but your objectives are shown in yellow on the map so you can expect a concentration in these areas. The map will not show locations of patrols and sentrys but this would spoil the game.

Read the manual which is in pdf form on the disk, read the help files and tactics on this site and get the expansions if you have not already and oh yes try some of the mods.

This is a terrific game so take your time and enjoy it !

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Hey JoeyRamone --

I had never played a game like this before until I spent some time with a friend's kids and they challenged me to play GR against them on their Xbox. I got hooked and promptly picked up the Gold Edition for my pc.

That said, in my experience, the gameplay in GR (often) requires you to move a bit slower than (I'm guessing) Doom or games of that type. Watch your threat indicator (that quad-divided circle in the bottom center of your screen). It'll tell you the general direction of where the tangoes are, plus which direction any gunfire is coming from. When it lights up red in the center, they're right on top of you (or vice-versa!)

Stay low and scan the horizon lines. Think of creeping up on the bad guys rather than charging through the forest for a full frontal assault (the enemy is often quite a good shot!) Manage your teams and make sure you're certain about the commands you're giving them -- have them act as extra eyes for you and report on what they see.

Don't know if any of that helps, but am wishing you the best of luck!


~Markux :thumbsup:

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You can use a squad to locate enemy by setting their ROE to "recon", they will report contact and take cover. You can then see the enemy location on your command map and can flank them.

When you are moving, bring up the command map that you can look at while you move. Enemy will show up on the map sometimes before you see them, gives you a little heads up.

Don't shoot the first man you see, they travel in groups of 2-3 or more. Engage them when they are back to or moving away.

Move your squads in a leap frog pattern to cover each other.

If you want a squad to guard a position, put them on "advance at all costs" and "suppress", if they come under heavy fire, take over that squad.

Clear rooms and buildings with frags or GL, unless there are hostages.

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Yeah this game is very differnt from alot of other fps, its realistic. Like metioned above it not a game where you run from one enamy to another shooting them five times and maybe taking alittle damage its alot slower and tactical.

The best advice I can think of giving you is play it like you would act in real, if they see you your dead, if you see them hopefully youl shoot them.

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Move slowly! Use recon so as not to have your #2 guy open up on the ONE guy he sees and soon you have 5 guys flanking you, scout the surroundings to some degree before engaging if possible....

Learn the hot keys #4-#9 by heart, with this you cna have your squads on recon and holding.... fire the first grenade into the biggest concentration of guys and with the push of 2 buttons your other squads will move in with strong fire support and wipe out left overs... :o=

Cover your ass at all times, keep a squad looking out in front ad behin your squad and move them one at a time.... never get caught with a squad in the open and their cover squad moving at the same time, unless your moving teams into fire posiotions for an assault or ambush.

Equip hand held and power launched grandaes on every mission, sometimes you dont want a GL, some times you need to hit targets way out there and need more distance than an arm can provide.As the link says full auto should rarely be used... unless i have a grouping fo 3-4 guys in ABSURD PROXIMITY (like their bodys overlap eachother in my sight) i always use single shot, or in case fo a large fire fight 3 round burst.

When attacking a group enclosed in a cave or tunnel, put a squat off to the side ofthe entrance before nengaging, then when they flood out to meet your primary force your b or c squad can mow them down.

Build squads purposely.... Have a havy fire squad, a demo or hostage squad, and a lead squad, pick weapons accordingly... dont throw a support with a SAW into your recon squad...! save him for your fire team to cover your recon squad!

Keep snipers alone.... typically getting into goo positions is tough with another guy trailing!

My .02

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