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Looking for some advice on RL stuff


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but do not act like you are interested in dating this girl.

Well, not yet anyway.

and you need to do you very best to make sure that you do not get involved with this girl for quite some time.

Regardless, I am getting involved. Keep your friends close as they say.

[sarcasm] Oh and I forgot to say, I just love conflicting information....[/sarcasm]

I got one person PM'ing with advice. Some one else PM's me with different advice. Then I got people posting in this thread, each giving yet more different advice :wacko: It's like, so what the hell am I meant to do?

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I've just speaking to one of my closest friends. I got loads of advice off her. Seems I worry too much, but what the hell. The reason why only very slight devolopment is being made is because at the mo' I'm only seeing Shell once a week, so it's gonna take ages.... My friend says I shouldn't excessively text Shell (which I haven't been doing). Only send 2-3 text messages a day to her (other it might look like I'm keeping on at her) and wait for her reply before I text back - which I have been doing. I get worried when I send a text to someone (especially a if it's question) and they don't text back. To me, it's like being ignored. There could be a multitude of reasons why people don't text back. I sent a text to Shell yesterday asking how she was etc, but I got no reply from that. I know she was very busy at work yesterday (she did send a text later on, but that was about meeting arrangements. Me and my friend also came to the conclusion that Shell still wants to get to know me better (and vice versa). The time will come. My friend also says it's best to be friends with Shell first. Just have to give it time.

Another thing, Shell really likes me, friends only like you (if you see where I'm coming from). That's the main difference here.

I know for certain I can trust my friends advice. Particularly this friend (the one I been referring to in this post) who has always been there during the rough times. The friend I'm referring to would never lie to me. I'm not saying I can't trust the advice of the people here at GR.net or that they are lieing, so don't think that at all. I've been listening to everyone.

I send a text to Shell at 11:02 this morning, no reply yet. Maybe she's very busy, I dunno. **must stop getting paranoid** If I don't get a reply later, I may text Shell again, but I have texted her twice today already.

I've have initially rushed in, although taking it slow. I didn't know Shell meant very slow. I also have repeated on some stuff 3 times which can be bad. I haven't repeated myself 3 times in a day, but I've been with spoken to Shell 3 times and said near enough or exactly the same the same stuff sometimes (like three times, on separate occasions. I've talked about me and Jim raving to Special D's "Come With Me" track down the nightclub [and I tell you, that ###### was phat]). I've gotta stop doing that (repeating ###### that is, not raving, lol).

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What Para says is spot on as is what Tyrovan says when he said dont analyze just go with the flow, at the moment it doesnt really matter, wait to analyze when your actually a couple. Ah I remember the times when it was like that with my partner ah how difficult it could be, now I just ask what she thinks, give her a sulking look if she mean to me and we couldnt be happier communication is the key to a top notch releationship.

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She just wants to be friends. Doesn't bother me, I'm going down the nightclub this saturday with some other girls.... (Shell is going off to a different nightclub. Her friend and other girls are coming with me to the freak show at a different nightclub to where Shell's going....)

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