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Looking for some advice on RL stuff


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**ahem, sorry in advance for the long post**

Well, on friday night myself and a colleage went down the pub for some drinks etc....Anyway, to cut a long story short (or to cut a short story long depending which way you look at it) we met a two girls. We didn't get their numbers that night because we headed straight back home.

So the next day (yesterday), my colleage wanted me to show him around the town because he hadn't been around here before. Coincidently, we bumped into one of the girls into town (both of them actually, we saw the other girl later on - I'll come back to that later). It was Shell we bumped into, on her lunch break. Tall, blonde hair. She seems a nice enough girl, reliable etc. So we get her mobile phone number. My colleage didn't have his phone on him, he had left it in his car, so I get out my Sony Ericsson K700i and add her number to my phone book. I haven't really gotten used to this phone yet (although I've had it for like 3 weeks) so after adding her number, I accidently didn't save it, so I got the number again and this time after adding it I saved it.

So we continue on down town and meet one of my friends, Jim. Basically, we go down the pub with him to get a drink (mmmm....lager) and play pool. So that's what we do, we see the other girl down the pub there. She said twice that Shell really likes me so I guess I'm in luck. This other girl fancies my colleage.

So I go to text Shell later on Saturday. But stupid me has only wrote down 10 digits of Shell mobile number (mobile numbers are 11 digits) so I couldn't send the text. So my colleage rings this other girl, in order to and get Shell's mobile number again. She said she will text the number over.

Anyway, it gets worse. It turns out that the other girl has not got Shell's mobile number, only her home phone number (at this point I don't know that). So after waiting for text messages regarding Shell's number from my colleage and the other girl. I finally get the number on Sunday. Her home phone number that is.

So I wanna arrange to meet up with Shell again but can't because I can't text her (as explained above). So I'm wondering whether to ring her home phone number or not. The problem is that Shell did not give me her home phone number, her friend did. If Shell had given me her home phone number, that would have been a different story and I would have rung her by now. Shell might get annoyed because I got her home number from her friend (don't forget, Shell doesn't know I accidently wrote down her mobile number incorrectly). I could always ring her and explain but she might think I'm just making excuses or something.

The trouble is, I don't wanna leave this too late or she may think I'm not interested in her. I am interested in her, I like her alot....anyway.... So I'm thinking, instead of ringng her, do I go down town on monday and try and catch her on her lunch break again, then I can explaing about writing down the wrong number. But, I may not even see her in town because I don't know exactly what time her lunch break is (when me and my colleage saw her in town on her lunch break on saturday, it was around 12: 40-ish iirc). If I leave it to monday to go down town to see her, it might be too late and she might think I'm not interested. There's a few problems with ringing her.... (1) she's in her twenties probably around 23-24, so she could possibly still live with her parents. Don't wanna ring her up and her parent answer!! (2) I dunno if she's having supper or whatever right now etc etc

So what should I do? Help me out here guys. I'm trying to get things going....

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Go into town on Monday and try to catch her again. If you see her, great. Chat her up a bit, maybe make some plans, and get her mobile number again and write it down correctly this time!! I suggest making a joke of your problems with her mobile phone number..

If you don't see her on Monday during her lunch break, give her a call on Monday night. Explain how you accidentaly wrote down her mobile number wrong, so you wanted to try and catch her at lunch but didn't today.. Anyway, you wanted to get in touch with her and do something sometime (like getting her mobile number correct this time, maybe make a joke of it) ..

Good luck mate

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Well, I rung her....but prepare yourselves for another long post, or shall we say, short novel?

So it's like 19:30 and Chems and I are having a lengthy chat about this on MSN.....

We came to the conclusion that I should ring her tonight. I was actually still a bit unsure. Was gonna be scary....so by like 19:49 I'm off MSN. Shut down the ol' rig and head upstairs to my room (there's a homephone in my room and one downstairs).

I grab the phone about to type in the number but something stopped me. I wasn't ready. Still. So I throw the phone on the bed, lay down and put on some techno....

It's 20:05....After a few tracks I'm thinking, I don't think I can do this. Next thing I'm telling myself I can't do it. Still not ready. Few more tracks pass by, had time to think about this now. If I don't do it now, I'll never do it.

About 20:10....Now I'm telling myself I will ring her tonight. I told myself that I must ring by 20:30. My mum comes upstairs to get ready to go over to her boyfriends house tonight.

Time is going on. I still haven't rung her at this moment in time....I can't keep her waiting. Ring her. At roughly 20:27 I put the phone back, head downstairs. If I'm gonna ring her, I at least want some privacy.

It's now or never. I grab the phone downstairs put it on the table. I sit down and put my K700i out on the table too (my mobile is better than yours!! Hehe). IT'S TIME. So I'm about to tap in the digits to ring her number. I'm not sure this is a good idea.

20:30....Ding ding, time up!! I'm still not sure.

20:32.... "F' it! Let's get it over with" I said out quite loud. After this there is no going back. Bang! Hit the button. Dialtone. I type the area code (not really necessary - she lives in the same town as me!). Now I'm typing the normal part of the phone numer (the bit after the area code, not too sure what they refer to it as). I'm scared. Seriously. Wait a minute, .:Nightmare:. is afraid of nothing. It's gonna be ok.

Ok so now it's ringing. And ringing. And it's ringing some more. Must have rang for like 20 seconds or more. I'm about to give up hope and put the phone down.....then....success....

(conversation went something along the lines of:

Bloke: "Hello"

What the? Some bloke answered the phone!! She told me she didn't have a boyfriend at this moment in time when I spoke to her on saturday. She doesn't come across as the dishones sort. Maybe it was her brother (does she have a brother?) or her father

Nightmare:"Hi mate. Is Shell there please?"


So I'm thinking I've got the wrong number now....

Nightmare: "Yeah"

Bloke: "Who's speaking?"

Nightmare: "James"

I wanted to elaborate - Shelly may know several James's. I wanted to say the me ans Shelly had met on friday night so she would know which James I meant. But, I refrained from saying this as I didn't know if this guy was her boyfriend or not!

Bloke: "Ok. <short pause> I'm afraid she's out at the moment"

Nightmare: "Oh ok <short pause>"

Bloke: "Would you like me to get her to ring you?"

Nightmare: "Yeah. Can I leave my number for her please?"

Bloke: "I'm sure that would be ok. I'll just get a pen a minute."

**The guy goes off to get a pen**

**The guy comes back**

**Nightmare gives home phone number to the guy including area code. Again, area code not necessary (I not gonna disclose my number here....)**

**The guy writes it down**

Bloke: "I'll get her to ring you when she comes in. She'll be back shortly"

Nightmare: "Ok"

Bloke: "Bye"

Nightmare: "Bye"

**Nightmare puts phone down**

Must've been over in about two minutes, maybe three. But hold on, how long is shortly? Well how long is a piece of string?

So I waited off the internet so she could ring me.

And I waited....

And I waited some more.....

21:56....Yeah, shortly. "Shortly" my ass..... You call an hour and a half "shortly"? I'm getting worried.

22:00.... I texted one of my friends, said I rung but she wasn't there, so I left number and she'll call me back when she gets back. My friend texted back and said that Shelly WILL ring, maybe she'll get back late. If she got back late, maybe she didn't ring thinking I was asleep or something. But how late is late?

22:30 passes, still she hasn't rung back. Put some more music on.

Around 22:45....sod this. I go back downstairs, turn on the rig again. Play some Vietcong for a while.

23:00 passes....

It gets to like 23:15 and I go back on the 'net to post this up....I have been typing this since about 23:16....

So maybe she'll ring tomorrow? Anyway, I have to go to the dentist tomorrow at 12:20 so maybe I'll catch Shelly on her lunchbreak again....

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I forgot to mention - when I talked to her on saturday, she said she was going down a nightclub in a town nearby with some of her friends. So, she probably came back late sunday.

I don't know whether she will ring me tonight. The guy may well have not given her the message and number (although he did write it down). Also, it's raining today. And it's raining very heavy. Like I said already, I gotta go into town today to go to the dentist....I dunno if Shelly will be outside on her lunchbreak when it's raining. I'm not going to leave the town today until I find her and talk to her. If I have to go into her place of work to talk to her then so be it. Hopefully the rain will go away by lunchtime.

Anyway, I'll keep you guys informed....

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No luck. The salon where she works was closed as far I could see - there was no movement inside although the lights were on! Salons are usually closed all day on mondays anyway and so were a few other shops in town.

So, now all I can do is hope and wait that she calls me tonight. I don't want her to think I'm not interested in her. She might think that because I wrote her number down incorrectly and, as far as she knows, I've written it down correctly but not got back to her yet.

I feel obliged to ring her maybe in an hour or so, but what if she isn't in again? I don't want it to look like I'm pestering her if I keep ringing her at home. I want to ring her.

It rained while I watched and waited and tried to find her. And it rained some more.

Times like this I get the music out. I choose the tracks with lyrics to match the situation. There's a track I've got, called "Hope & Wait" (can't remember who wrote that track but some of the lyrics are:

All I do is hope and wait

And I pray it's not too late

And all I do is hope and wait

For you

If she don't call me tonight, I'll try to catch her tomorrow lunchtime. And all I do is hope and wait....

EDIT> So should I ring her again (tonight)?

Edited by [Wx] .:Nightmare:.
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If you can catch her at lunch tomorrow, do so. It's so much more personable talking face to face with someone than over a phone. Will also impress her, or should, how much trouble you went through to hook up with her after her friend said shell was interested in you.

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Personally, I wouldn't call her tonight. If you don't hear from her today, then either look for her tomorrow or call her tomorrow night and mention that you left a message on Sunday and wasn't sure if she got it.

You can also bring the friend into the picture, too. Initially I would have gotten the friend to call her for her cell phone number or for permission to give you her home phone number.

Good luck.

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