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'04 Olympics


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And in more common news, Phelps wins another gold medal for team US of A. :rocky:

yeah but he aint gunna get his 7, our thorpey put a stop to that!!

Over here we have 2 channels showing the Olympics, pretty much 24-7. Break for some news and soapy shows, but otherwise its go go go.

Esspecially the womans beach volleyball. Pretty sure thats gunna get the highest ratings


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I'd be happy if NBC would show more of the olympic sports, like Judo, wrestling, and watnot, instead of this volleyboll and basketball rubbish. I don't even understand why basketball and volleyball are in the olympics.

Basketball is by far more interesting than shotput, the disk thing, javelin, etc etc. MO of course.

yeah but he aint gunna get his 7

He only wanted one... he smashed his goal. As if six werent enough.

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Carly Patterson, America's new sweetheart is still knocking the competition dead.

More impressive was Ms. Pavlova's well deserved Bronze medal in the Women's Vault, very nice. She should have gotten all-round Silver, but what I have to say about that... well... I wont.

Justin Gatlin, the world's fastest man. A big one for team USA. :) Also good to see Mo Greene got knocked down a peg.

What else...

Oh, Deena Kastor takes the Bronze in Women's Marathon, moving from 18th to 3rd, very nice. Allyson Felix takes the gold in Women's 200m.

Current Medals:


USA - 25 26 19 70

CHN - 23 15 12 50

RUS - 8 17 19 44

AUS - 14 9 14 37

JPN - 15 8 9 32

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Have y'all been watching beach volleyball? Fine looking lasses there and great uniforms. :drool:

its sucked, i watched the match with the brazilians vs brazilians, unfortunatly the finer lookin team lost :(

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GB win men's 4x100m, Kelly Holmes picks up a second gold for the 1500m (first gold for 800m) at the age of 34. A good night for british sport.

And tomorrow we still have another gold medal chance in the lightweight boxing.

As a commentator pointed out, the Australians have a 1 gold medal for every 1 million people in their country. That would mean the Brits would have to pick up about 57 golds.

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